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    Ummm. I'm interested, but my experience is limited.

    Name: Emily

    Experience: I role played for about a year-year and a half in chat. No experience in real life or in forums. Oh! And of course I "role played" as a child, though we called it "playing movies" (with our own story lines). Time out? Pause. Go? Play. Etc. Those were fun!

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy, Realistic Fiction; any story that looks interesting, if I feel I can handle it. I won't write any thing that will give me night mares. I have an issue with getting too close to a story and my stress issues being what they are... I'm pretty choosy.

    Preferred rolls: I'm as innocent as a cherub... no really! Action is probably my toughest writing problem. It's hard to describe what I'm doing/what's happening in the story. That's what I'd like to learn from rp. Even if I'm the cat perched on the highest shelf spying on every one and pretending not to notice.

    Long or short style: idk; short possibly? I want to give others a chance to respond, not write an essay.

    Host: uhhh... no! I have not. Unless you count initiating childhood stories; I was the star then (not that I want to lord it over every one now. I want to learn!)

    Fan Favorite: I think my friends from long ago liked it when I played Arianna. She was a gypsy-ish girl (style: pipe and dance) who later found out she was kin (lost sister) to a family of dragons. She was beautiful and her music was enchanting. But I didn't think I took a lot of skill with me in rp.

    Personal Favorite: Arianna is the only character I've ever played. I loved her, felt she could use some sprucing up (namely, describing the music of the pipe and the lithe way she danced playing it), but loved her nonetheless.

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    I'd love to see more RP-action going on here. Totally going to fill this out!

    Name: Myst

    Experience: Ummm...I'm going to guess roughly five years...? I don't keep track. xD

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fiction - occasionally Romance if in a fluffy mood.

    Preferred roles: In general, I use whichever character A) makes sense in the RP and B) balances out everybody else. So if there's already a snarky idiot, I avoid posting a snarky idiot. But to be honest, my characters are either kind of goofy-bouncy or annoyingly know-it-all. I'm still working on my "stalwart knight" type.

    Long or short style:
    Because I'm in college, I'm one of the people who only posts a couple of times a week and has really long posts. Part of this is just me, but another part of this is me trying to incorporate everything that had happened while I was gone into my character's reaction to events.

    Yes. Not always very successfully because I'm not always good at keeping a plotline going, but yes. I have several story-universes that I would love to have people roleplay in if I could ever get an RP up off the ground for longer than a week. :\

    Fan Favorite:
    I'm going to guess Cei Blackember. Think arrogant, gryphon-riding gypsy-boy who thinks that because he's talented that he's on-par or above everybody else, who in reality has a horrible inferiority complex. He doesn't respect you unless you can best him in a significant way - and then he'll take you on over and over to try to beat you. It was through his sheer idiotic brazenness that I made one of my best RP buddies.

    Personal Favorite:
    As far as I can remember, it was Kit Lucas Salomne. I originally designed him for a type of "survival" roleplay, and wanted to make him the silently smoldering type...he threw that out of the window in roughly two posts. As soon as he saw the ideas that some of the other characters had, he unequivocally shut them down with a paragraph of actual working logic (you can't outrun a monster with shopping bags on your arm), and thus accidentally killed the roleplay because it threw everybody into disarray. Apparently common-sense was frowned upon in the forum I used to inhabit. ^^

    Nippon Devil, if you ever used your British cat in a roleplay, I'd love to offset with one of my tiny dragons, Riyaa. She's a silly, nonsense-spewing handful, and I think that it would be fun.

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    Name: MzSnowleopard

    Experience: I've been playing since the early 90s. Starting with table top AD&D then vampire and werewolf, then evolved to live-action RP (LARP), and when I found chat room / lit-RPG I stayed. I've portrayed characters from vampires, shape-shifters, a starship captain in the Federation (Star Trek), a number of mutants in the X-men, a dragon and his rider, and Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy and Sci-fi

    Preferred rolls: I've portrayed both good and bad characters but I always come back to the good side. None of my characters are innocent, some have more darker sides than others. What keeps them from going totally dark is that "they give a damn."

    Long or short style: The group I'm with has a minimum count of 200 words per post. Beyond this the length varies. There's no requirement on the frequency of posting.

    Host: Yup, I manage and archive the stories for The RPG Organization

    Fan Favorite: Her name is Mandy 'Double Fire' Matchall. She's one of my original characters from the X-men group I started with in the online chat room group. She has evolved with me and the branch off of the group that went with me. Now, she's in Psionics Millennium, a non-canon RPG that's similar / inspired by the X-men universe. The difference is that our content is all player created.

    Mandy is the daughter of an Air Force General. She went through Civil Air Patrol (aka Search and Rescue) through which she earned her pilot's license. At the age of 16 her first ability appear - Psionic Duplication. She is able to create a single duplicate of herself that she controls through a telepathic connection. This duplicate has greater speed, martial arts, and can go places no physical being can.

    Two of Mandy's favorite skills with this ability are using it to get help / telling people where's she's at and distracting others such as sneaking up from behind.

    Her 2nd ability emerged rather suddenly when someone attempted to alter her genetic code. Oops, that didn't go so well. Not only did it cost the person their life it turned her into a Pyrokinetic. The extent of this change has yet to be explored. It is not known how severe or stable it is. Many is currently under the mentorship of Pyroclastic, a volcanologist who is also a Pyrokinetic.

    Personal Favorite: This is a tough one for me. I have a lot of characters and enjoy writing for all of them. If I had to choose though, I'd have to choose either Mandy or her original mentor Sharon Yates aka Snow Leopard She's tall, agile, with a 6 foot and she knows how to use it. Snow comes with the standard package of telepathy and telekinesis. Genetically she's a cross between human and snow leopard (Think Thundercat). She's a good person, just don't mess with her coffee. LOL
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    For both of you (or anyone else who is interested), the only active RPG at the moment is Hillcrest prison. You could have a look and see if you might want to join that one. We certainly are enjoying ourselves there, so perhaps you would too

    This is the recruiting tread: http://www.writingforums.com/threads...r-a-prison-rpg

    This is the OOC: http://www.writingforums.com/threads...est-prison-OOC

    This is the story: http://www.writingforums.com/threads...llcrest-prison
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    yea check it out, we could use some more writers in there.
    Everyone's life is like a story. The problem is few people take the time to really understand their own story, much less bother to even read anyone else's.

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    Sorry Mistique, nothing against WF's RPGs but I have my hands full over at The RPG Org. We've added a new venue that's Battlestar Galactica meets Stargate SG-1.

    And until I'm caught up with the Archives Project, as well as my posts in the active stories, I can't justify getting involved in another site's RPG Stories.
    "Sometimes I wish I could stay asleep, not because my life is that dull and boring but because my dreams are just that good." - Mindy Dyksterhouse (MzSnowleopard)
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    Bringing this back!

    Name: seeoil

    Experience: Since 2013-ish, I guess. Mostly in-chat and text-based in forums.

    Favorite Genre: Realistic slice-of-life has been my default for years, but lately I've been interested in Fantasy with modern settings, so there's that.

    Preferred rolls: This is cringey, but the troubled teen, not necessarily a teen per se, but just a troubled character. I love character development and enjoy seeing conflicted characters overcome things they consider as weaknesses and just grow in this essay i will—

    Long or short style: Same as Mythel, honestly. It's specially difficult to catch up when in the span of three days, the group has churned out twenty-ish responses of 500 words and more that my replies then become longer.

    Host: Yeah and I'm bad at managing it, so I don't anymore when I have a haphazard schedule.

    Fan Favorite: I had this character who had this awful phobia of women due to a past, bad encounter with one, and the group helped him (one way or another) overcome that in character. The effect wasn't immediate, but it was the catalyst for his tolerance, at least. And it made us feel accomplished, which was nice.

    Personal Favorite: Probably the first character I made for the first roleplay I took part in. He was completely not fleshed out and I played him too out of character most of the time (I was turning 13 and just did whatever I want even if it seemed unreasonable, bless the group I interacted with before, I bet they were skeptical but didn't say a thing) but he was extremely eccentric and I love him for that. The way I wrote him before made his emotions and personality so transparent that even after five years, I could remember what I felt before (if I initally get past the stage of cringe then yeah).

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    Name: Ladysugarplum, lady for short.

    experience: I've been playing in this area for over 13 years now and have loved every second of it.

    Favourite genre: I love playing with fantasy based stories, but have enjoyed roleplaying in almost every style I've tried, so long as there were a steady storyline and interesting characters.

    Preferred roles: I love playing the dominant, rough around the edges guy but have, and am happy to, give most characters a spin if given the time to work out their idiosyncrasies before starting the story. All my characters have to have a flaw for me to be able to continue with them, I feel it makes them more believable and makes the whole story far more interesting for everyone.

    long or short: Depending on the situation in the story and the previous posts my lengths vary but I love adding description to my posts to thicken out my characters and their take on the world around them.

    Host: I have led a story through with a group of people I knew, but I've never hosted a story based on a forum like this one.

    Fan favourite: going by the requests for stories based around them I would have to say, Zuka Galloway, a gruff looking mechanic who enjoys fighting for money, drinking beer but is the first person that his siblings come to if they need to cry about a breakup. His day job changed depending on the story, but his love of cars and bikes always showed through with him.

    Personal favorite: My favourite would have to be Z ( Pheonix Ericson ). The son of a gypsy mother and a soldier ( cliche I know ) but when he lost his hand in an accident and had it replaced with old technology, his lack of self-confidence but desire to correct the past wrong to his family made him a quirky character to play and build.

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