Knitting baby stuff at a young age

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Thread: Knitting baby stuff at a young age

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    Knitting baby stuff at a young age

    I am 15 right now and knitting baby stuff.

    When I was 9 I could cast on but I couldn't knit or purl(the pictures were too complicated)

    When I was 12 I decided to start knitting again. It was during the winter that I started or at least close to it. It took me months to learn to purl correctly. Until then all my purls looked like this:

    YO, P

    Because of this I stuck to garter stitch for months.

    After that I learned horizontal striping.

    I then learned increases and decreases and so I was really ready to start knitting baby stuff.

    I figured starting to knit baby stuff at a young age would mean less stress when I do become pregnant.

    For every pattern I knit I plan to knit one in colors I think are feminine and one in colors I think are masculine so that I will have enough clothes for whatever gender my baby is when I have one.
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    Got any pictures of stuff you've knitted?

    I've got a friend that knits. He'll swear up and down that cooking is a "woman's job", but turn around and spend an entire weekend knitting.
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    No I haven't taken any pictures yet of stuff I have knitted.

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    If you ever take any pictures, I'd love to see it. That's a cool talent to have, and I imagine it's really tough.

    Quote Originally Posted by popsprocket View Post
    I've got a friend that knits. He'll swear up and down that cooking is a "woman's job", but turn around and spend an entire weekend knitting.
    That made me burst into a fit of giggles. Cooking is for woman, but knitting is for everyone? That is a silly mindset.

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    Here are my booties. These were knitted recently with I Love This Yarn.

    Girl set:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Boy set:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The smallest of each set is newborn size, the middle one is 3 months, and the largest one is 6 months. The ends still need to be woven in but I actually had to edit the Just Hatched Booties pattern to get rid of the unneeded hole from the knit and turn short rows. I think some ribbon, possibly an I cord ribbon would go very nice with these booties.

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    knitting blows my me it is just as complex as physics...well done
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    Your baby will be very well outfitted! (someday) I crochet but never have gotten on to knitting. I'd like to, though. The booties are very cute.

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    Thanks. I am thinking of using a 3 needle bind off to sew these and then weave all the ends in. Since my acrylic yarn tends to slip out of being woven in I do the same thing I would do for cotton yarn and that is separate the 4 ply yarn into 2 groups of 2 plies each when I reach a certain yarn length, weave those in until I reach a certain length, and then tie a knot and if needed trim it(not completely obviously because then it would untie).

    If only spit splicing worked for acrylic. Then I could just wet the ends(which might also help prevent fraying), weave them in, and let the whole thing dry and I wouldn't have to worry about having to tie a knot.

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    Well done on starting so young.

    See if you can find a booklet that will show you all the different types of crochet stitches [there are not many types] and teach yourself to crochet. Baby clothes that are crocheted are gorgeous, and so easy.

    I made all the knitted/crocheted clothes for my babies in either creamy yellow or soft turquoise so they did for either gender.
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    So cute! I know how to knit but I couldn't do anything like that. Looks great!

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