Sad News for Bling Critics - More Awards Available

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Thread: Sad News for Bling Critics - More Awards Available

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    Sad News for Bling Critics - More Awards Available

    In what must be a blow to critics of awards and similar extraneous recognitions, WF has just released a new batch of awards with which to decorate our members, some previously unrecognised or under-appreciated.

    Although not trained as spies, our mentors spend a great deal of time watching and getting to know all of our active members. Now, mentors have a visible way to acknowledge any member for consistently displaying the qualities and contributions that go to making WF the best forum for writers and creative artists on the net. It might seem that this is simply repeating the WF Star, but that is not so - the differences are in who chooses the recipients and what criteria they use.

    Purple Patch - Awarded by Mentors to members who distinguish themselves on the forum.

    One group of members whose efforts have often been overlooked, and certainly under-appreciated is that of our LM Challenge judges. It is a solid, demanding, and time-consuming task to assess and comment on every entry in a given challenge; more so to do it five, or ten, or more times. Now we have one small way to acknowledge their efforts.

    Star Judge 5 - A special award for Challenge Judges who have given their time and energy for five or more Challenges.
    Star Judge 10 - A special award for Challenge judges who have given their time and energy for ten or more challenges.

    As many are aware, the world and our forum lost a very special man; here we knew him as Leyline, but friends and the young recipients of his gifts knew him as George Potter. One of his outstanding contributions to WF was his untiring support of the LM Challenges, including participating as a challenge judge fifteen times. Only one (also outstanding WF member, now a Patron) has exceeded this record.

    The George Potter Award / Star Judge 15 - A special award for Challenge Judges who have given their time and energy for 15 or more Challenges.

    For a long time, WF has balked at recognising those who did not write or otherwise create original material for publication. That time has passed; it had already passed internally when we introduced awards for Star Critters and Star Advisors - those who put time and effort into helping writers and artists get closer to their goals. Now we stand up and acknowledge those who are also critters and advisors, but who go even further and do the work that puts others' original materials into the marketplace - the Publishing Editors and Producers. Note that this is not for self-publishers; only for publishers and editors on other people's productions in writing or the creative arts.

    Published Editor / Producer - For editing and/or publishing original written, visual or performing arts works produced by other people.

    Finally, there are among us those who have lived the dream in one form or another; professional writers, editors, journalists, and performers who have made a living, career, or at least substantially supplemented their livelihoods for 25 years or more. While best-sellers and blockbuster hits might be the prize, these members have dwelled in the day-to-day reality of writing, publishing and productions.

    The Career/Lifetime Achievement Award - For 25 years or more in professional writing, editing, journalism-related work, or performing arts.
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