Writing Forums brought me love! And not just the love of writing. :)

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Thread: Writing Forums brought me love! And not just the love of writing. :)

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    Writing Forums brought me love! And not just the love of writing. :)

    Sharing today how grateful I am to this website!

    I joined Writing Forums in September of 2011. I came here to find other writers that enjoyed the same things as me. Most people in my life found it boring to talk about my love of fiction and were sick of hearing me talk about my characters. This is where I ended up... the first and only writing site I ever joined.

    It took me a few days to learn the ropes before I dove in and started asking a million questions. I was so excited to see how everyone here loved writing and everything about it as much as I did.

    One day I got up the nerve to post the first chapter of my first novel. I got a lot of great reviews (including the ones that told me I needed to fix some things!)

    But, one that sticks out the most came from a fellow amateur writer like myself. His name was KyleColorado. The first thing he said on that post was “My you have beautiful eyes” and then proceeded to tell me what I needed to fix with my story!

    I liked what he had to say and I private messaged him with my thanks! I hadn't done that before, so I wondered if I was being too bold.

    One message led to another... one review after the other... and before you knew it, I was logging onto Writing Forums just to see if I had another message from him. We spent the better part of two years talking on private messages. We went from one message a day to... well, I have thousands now that I will always cherish!

    We finally made the leap for our first phone call almost six months later. That was amazing! I'll never forget the first time I heard his voice. I was a giddy school girl. It still wouldn't compare to the feeling I had the first time I met him and year and a half later, though. We had talked about what that moment would be like for so long and to finally have it there was so remarkable, there are no words! And I'm a pretty good writer ... (I believe!)

    For so long, years, we were separated by the ocean and a million life obstacles in the way, but we never gave up! We decided that what we had was worth the wait and we would make it together, no matter the time frame. It was hard to be a part for so long and on such different time zones! Skyping and private messaging were everything I looked forward to in my day.

    So, from that date on October 1st 2011 this website didn't bring me the expertise to become that published writer that I so desperately wanted, two and a half years ago... it gave me something more... it gave me love. Love of the best man in the world. A husband I will always think is the best at everything! I loved his writing from the first story I read of his on this very forum, and I will be his biggest fan for life. First autograph is mine, KyleColorado!

    Thank you Writing Forums... you gave me so much more than I could have ever wished for! Better than any publishing contract!

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    Aww, that's so cute! I'm happy for both of you!
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    I still remember all the bumps and jostles along the way: my internet going down; discovering that our private chats were accidentally being read; you drunk-dialing me during a friend's wedding and accusing me of not loving you enough.

    I'm thankful to Writing Forums, as well, for leading me to you. And yes, you still have beautiful eyes, and yes, you still love to write in first person present, even though I so adamantly tried to convert you to past third. Now I'm a first present writer, as well. Guess we know who wears the pants in this relationship! And yes, I still love you more.

    Now, when I need reassurance or guidance in this miracle we call life, I can rest assured—because I have a lovely wife to boss me around!

    And don't worry, SnooSnoo, you'll get your publishing contract one day. I'll make sure of it!

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    Nah, seriously guys I'm really pleased for you! I remember gate crashing your little chat room sessions a year or two back and wondering when you were going to tie the knot! Congratulations!

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    Thanks Shrody!

    And Potty, you quirky brit! You kept logging on just to catch us in the act!

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    *runs away to check chat and see which members are being all lovey-dovey in there where they think it's safe*
    I have an extensive knowledge of Mean Girls quotes.

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    Congratulations, you two! You know, this would make a fantastic story...
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    Thanks, Cindy! Now, if only we knew some writers... Actually, Michelle started writing a story about us, but in the middle of it, the character representing me gets beaten by a gang of thugs and then spirals into drug addiction.

    Now I make her plot things out so I don't get beaten up all the time whenever her muse takes over.

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    What a fabulous story, congrats to you both.

    If i post a comment on a "WIP", LOOK! I'm a reader that's all, and i can only tell how i feel, as a READER, giving/offering feedback. Hoping to learn and grow here. So please, tell me where i'm going wrong.

    Me? I'm just a fly on the wall.

    Look! I'm trying, okay?

    One can but dream, if only i had dared.

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    Alas, i am weak.

    I must find a way to Eastbourne and i so wish that i could dance.

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    Thanks dither!

    It feels like it took a lifetime to get where we are. Of course I love to write and I get carried away easily, but I tried to make my post here with a lot of the in between stuff cut out.

    Saving that for my award winning novel. I do love romance stories!
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