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    Do Something With These Words...







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    As I passed by a quaint little cottage overlooking the sea, all thatch and honeysuckle, a vivacious looking woman carrying a pail opened the door and made for the Well near the vegetable patch. As she was about to draw some water a cantankerous looking old man in a Peasant's Smock approached her, straw dangling from his mouth. As he ogled lasciviously down her blouse he gurned a homicidal grin. Inexorably I began to realise he didn't have a tooth in his head. With a haughty expression she slapped him repeatedly about his bald pate for daring even to think such heinous misdeeds, so to nullify the impact he turned and ran through the front gate and down the lane.. Thank goodness for that I thought!
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    One Christmas was so much like another, in those years around the sea-town corner now and out of all sound except the distant speaking of the voices I sometimes hear a moment before sleep, that I can never remember whether it snowed for six days and six nights when I was twelve or whether it snowed for twelve days and twelve nights when I was six." From A Child's Christmas in Wales - Dylan Thomas

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    Okay, now do something with these words:






    And when you do write it, suggest new words that we can write with!
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    "Excuse me," Jack said, once the stares from his friends relayed their discovery of his blast.

    "What the HELL was that?" Mike asked.

    "Gaseous planets like Jupiter are some of the largest planetoid bodies in space," Rick said.

    "Was that really relevant?" Sarah gave Rick a quizzical look, and he shrugged his shoulders. Soon, as the air in the room shifted, all eyes were on Jack again, this time with a shared look of disgust.

    "Dude! That's... GOD!" Mike shouted in anger.

    "Sorry!" Jack said, face turning red.


    Next words:






    (I refuse to make it easy!)
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    (First, I have to admit, wonderfully done with the interpretation, Bishop)

    Roy had painted the word "Quasar" on his old, beat-up Buick. He stepped back, put his helmet on, and grabbed his goggles.

    Next to him, Larry put on his helmet too, stepping into a Chartreuse Oldsmobile withe the words "The Mongolian" painted on the side. "Good luck, Roy," he said, giving him a thumbs up. "Ain't no way you take down The..dun dun dun...Mongolian."

    "Aw, now that's an abstract thought, Larry: you doin' anythin' 'cept sittin' in the middle o' the ring yellin' that yer transmission's broke," he said and laughed. "This ain't no race. This's a Demo Derby. Best keep that in mind."

    Next words:




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    They flew my underpants up on a kite for the whole school to see.

    Recess freed us from our cooking elective where we learned about yeast and bread and baking, but I wanted nothing more than to go back inside and hide.

    "Stop it!" I pleaded on my knees, but the bullies just laughed.

    "Shut it, gourd-head!" said Richy, the meanest of the bullies. He pulled the spool and the kite soared over the students heads and everyone laughed.

    They were blue with big white elephants printed on. It wasn't until the principal came out that that the Richy pulled the kite down and gave it back to me, but my face was red with tears by then.


    I'm not convinced I pulled the yeast part off, haah.

    Next five words:


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    Hitotsmami, your story made me really sad! That poor kid.
    It was finally the holiday season. My family was sitting around, having just finished decorating the Christmas tree when I began to hear yelling coming from the other side of the room. Quickly spinning around, I saw my dad holding a champagne bottle in his hand, his face pulled down into an angry scowl. He stormed past me and went into the kitchen, but quickly emerged looking even angrier. He slammed the sink's faucet on the ground and began screaming that "It was a mistake! I didn't mean to break it!". His booming voice was so loud that it would startle even the strongest person. Fed up of yet another night being ruined I went to the corner of the room and just waited for the night to finally be over.
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    Nice use there, aliveatnight!


    "I'm telling you, there's a bear on the wing!" I pressed my cellphone to my ear as I watched the bear claw his way up the wing towards my window.

    My wife laughed on the other end. "Sure, honey. Hey, are you allowed to use your cell on the plane?"

    "This is an emergency! Oh my god, it's getting closer." I heard the pop of a toaster. "Are you making toast? There's a bear on the wing!"

    "Get some rest honey." I heard the crunch of toasty bread. "And call me back when you get in LA and out of your fantasy world."

    I heard the dial tone and stared at my phone in disbelief. I looked back out the small round window and there was the bear, its paws against the glass and snarling.


    Next five words:


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    I accept your challenge! This time next week (at least, that is my plan! I have really begun to challenge myself and my writing skills!) I shall have a completed project AND a new set of words! Be there...
    A cosmic conflagration of chaotic creativity. An impossible incarnation of imaginative insanity.
    Any such individual reality can be perceived by others as nothing more than being imagination. This changes when said imagination, opens to embrace a certain degree of widespread awareness. At that stage, it has the potential to be perceived by anyone, as reality. - Mamoru Oshii.

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    J.L., it's just a cutesy little competition, my friend. On the spot! Hitotsmami wrote about underpants, right?

    "You need to divorce yourself from the idea that we are the only planet that can harbor life," Elsa said, pointing at the night's sky, the condensed, cold air pouring out of her mouth like jets of steam. I could see her brain working like some kind of old fashioned engine. "They're definitely out there. We just get the illusion that we're alone because we can't see them, can't hear them."

    "Maybe so, but I'll be the judge of that. Alone until proven otherwise, councilor."

    She rolled her eyes. "You're into mathematics, Barnaby, into logic."

    "Well, yes," I answered. "I understand that logically we can't be the only ones, it's just more of a humanist thing."

    This time she rolled her whole body towards me, the stars wreathing her head like little dew drops. "Let's conduct an experiment, shall we? You go on believing that life will never exist anywhere else. Tell me that the chances some other planet has life is 1 in 100 billion." She nodded, her eyes wide. "Then I'll tell you how many billion planets are in this galaxy alone, and then I'll tell you about the millions and millions of galaxies alone--"

    "You don't get it," I said, putting a finger to her lips, her intellect seeping into my body and warming it from the inside even as I frustrated her. "I understand the numbers, I'd just like to think that we're special."

    She squinted. "Are you trying to be romantic?"

    I pulled her in. "Well, I didn't take you out beneath the stars to talk about aliens, if that's what you're asking."





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