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    A solicitor entered the chamber. The judge lifted his head and acknowledged him with a quick glance, before returning to filing his nails.

    "Your honor, our client has chosen to move onward from the deeds that were done in these dark times of oblivion by the greedy hearts of a few. Let us keep the world safe for ourselves and our children, by moving on. We have settled out of court to everyone's satisfaction," stated the solicitor.

    "The prosecution concurs, the victims of this heinous crime are happy to move on," confirmed the prosecutor.

    "By the power invested in me by the states I pronounce, case closed!" announced the judge returning to the important task of filing his nails.


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    Irreverent Merciful Titanium Posturing Meadow

    "I am the irreverent, the puncture wound in your soul. I stand here, posturing like this to strike mercifully at you with this splintered baseball bat, because if I was one step closer it would hurt twice as bad as it already does. You'll never escape the titanium meadows, because here, I rule."


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    There was a hell of a storm brewing; I could see the thick thunderheads gathered on the lowering horizon, and given that I was still a few miles from my destination I thought it might be better to stop and book a hotel room for the night. I never liked storms, and the bigger they were the less I liked them. Ancient mythology used to afford gods the ability to use lightning as a weapon, and while this was obviously nothing more than Man's way, back then, of giving vent to his fears when the stormclouds rolled over, it felt at that moment uncomfortably appropriate to me. I had no intention of being the latest victim of Thor or whoever, so I pulled into the driveway of the first motel I saw. I had to knock several times, to be heard over the rumbling thunder and the shrieking high winds, which were surely going to do some major damage later that night. I was already late for my meeting, but desperate times and all that. I knew that if I hadn't made a stop the chances were that I might be one of the many the storm would no doubt kill later on. Best to be late, and safe, than on time and dead. Not that the boss would think so, but he was safe at home, so his opinion didn't really count.

    Okay then, back to six words?

    Come away, human child to the waters and the wild
    With a faery hand in hand.
    For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand. - WB Yeats "The Stolen Child"

    I drink to forget, but I never forget to drink.

    "If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today
    He'd be gunned down cold by the CIA" - The The, "Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)" - Mind Bomb, 1989

    The most destructive force on the planet is not nukes or global is the human ego. - Ralph Rotten

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    Nostradamus Flying Execution Purple Indefatigable Monument Tearful

    I murdered Nostradamus the moment he approached my bed, believing I was a sleep. A sharp hatchet in my hand, his bright red blood pouring down his purple robe. I was indefatigable at that moment, filled with a flying sense of power at my defensive actions and something felt amiss because there was no chase. His tearful stare of surprise etched into my memory like a grand monument to regret. But for all his regret in his last moments he could not change what either of us had done. Not his mistake, not the execution.


    I like giving 10 words. Not a big deal. You may choose to not use them all if you wish.

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    With little thought for my own safety I grabbed the things and put them all into my mouth at once. It could have been ten minutes or ten hours, I couldn't tell. Through the haze I'm sure there were some lucid moments. The ridiculous high that I was riding caused me to stare at the same spot lost in my own thoughts. Then it hit me. I'd taken enough pills to kill myself. I was going to die. My death certificate would have Cause of Death: Overdose. Then I would never get to meet my grandchildren. Never know their names. I should not have taken all of the pills. If I hadn't then my sister would have found them. She would have used it as ammunition to blackmail me, she would bide her time and when she was ready my parents would know everything. I don't know if I slept at all but the next thing I knew I was awake and in the back seat of my mum's car. We were in front of my school.

    "Have a good day hun," my mother said.

    "Thanks mum, bye."

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    Mosquitoes kept sticking into the sweat at the back of Amos's neck as he and Jayne stood on the smooth green metal disc in the middle of the jungle. Well, maybe not the middle but he would figure out the important details later. Half the challenge had been finding the disc in the first place, he didn't want to think of the punishment that awaited if they failed to finish the challenge.

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    The girl sank in her chair, just as her brother was sinking into his torpor. He spun an elfin disk on his finger.
    "How quaint." She hissed. "You decide to do something with those worthless hands." Her words were toxic.
    She leaped up, not wanting to mimic her brother in his chair.
    "I'm not asking for you to do something momentous!" She spat. "I'm just asking you to do something!"
    "I think you're excited enough...with you leaping out of your chair and everything..." He murmured.
    "Maybe it is a curse...your laziness...or maybe just you." The girl mused. The girl spun around.
    "Just...add some seasoning to your mundane existence, alright?" She smirked devilishly. "Hm...ha..."

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