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    Nice work!

    I love Prismacolor pencils. I love the detail they allow. In addition to all the available colors, I love the way you can subtly layer them create virtually any color. I love to work slowly and carefully, so they are perfect for me.

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    Incredibly talented.
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    and hang out with the staff at
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    I am NEVER at a loss for words---but your Beautiful artwork has left me speechless... GIIIIRRRRLLLLLLLLL--you rock!!Maybe you could start your own website--show your work and take orders from there...that is what my Sis does, and what I want to do with my Glass blowing. Thank you for sharing your brilliant Art, Maybe you will show more in the future, I will be watching! Peace...Jul

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    AW thanks Jul!I do have a website but nobody ever goes there lol, I don't really have the time or knowhow to promote it either. There is a link at the bottom of this post if you fancy disturbing the tumbleweeds and taking a peek. Thanks Mike & E.Zamora too, I didn't get notified of your replies for some reason??
    I have been way more into my art than I have my writing for the last couple of months, I think it's a bit more of a block...more like a complete bypass!

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    Well, I've visited your site and think you do exceptional work. I also understand how difficult it is to make a living at art. It's the intermediaries that make any profit

    Back around 2000, a very wealthy man contacted me to create two intricately carved deacons chairs that he could donate to his church. But, he said they couldn't cost too much (guess there's a limit to what heaven should cost). As you might realize, such would be a lengthy effort, and I told him that I would call him back after I thought about it. Never did and soon after donated all my woodworking tools to the local HS wood shop.

    Many other stories I could relate, involving myself and fellow artists, but I won't clutter up your thread.

    Please yourself and don't let others take advantage of your talent.


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    The simplest truths are written on the wall,
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    Ha! That must've been annoying, he wanted to make a generous donation of your time huh, how thoughtful of him! I'm not really in a position to make money out of my art at the moment as I have young children, don't want to be spending every waking moment churning out paintings whilst their childhood rolls by, but will definitely try and go full time with it when they're older. Thanks for the word of encouragement, maybe one day I will get back to my other hobby, writing lol

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    Oh my gosh, I wish I could draw like this! You have a major talent - one I really envy! It's hard to believe that those aren't actually REAL!

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    Ah thanks sreeves2, thats nice of you to say!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    Thanks so much everyone! I used to think 'what's the point of realism, might as well have a photo', but once I started with coloured pencils it just naturally went that way. David, I've yet to make a penny from my art, but the leaves (Autumn) did get accepted into a fairly big annual art exhibition so I've got my fingers crossed, hoping for a cash prize or a sale! Unfortunately there are loads of artists better than me so will probably have to settle for a mention on the programme!
    I get to be the first here to say ...

    on winning
    the Derwent Award
    Autumn (leaves)

    "I don't know ... I'm making it up as I go ..." - Dr I Jones

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    "Faith can move mountains - she's a big girl!" (unknown/graffiti)

    If I act like I own the place, it's because I did.

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    Wow, way to go Abby (of course we all thought you would)

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    The simplest truths are written on the wall,
    where we see imaginary greatness in our fall.

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