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Thread: Post a selfie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmustard615 View Post
    Gee, Rob, I've never seen a face covered by a sweater before
    Believe me, it's the best way.

    Anyway, aren't a writer's hands the most expressive part of him/her?

    Okay then, here's the real thing.

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    Wow! That flash was powerful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by foolonamoon View Post
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    Since you requested beach selfies... It's actually my hubby doing the selfie, I just happened to sneak in the back lol. We went down to the beach after a friends wedding, where I promptly crashed and napped for 2 hours. Luckily the sun wasn't too bad. That and I seriously can't tan.

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    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    here goes... be nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowley K. Jarvis View Post
    I'm probably getting a beard at least once to see if I can rock it. ;P
    I threw a tantrum about being hospitalised that resulted in not shaving and growing a hospital beard. This was on day 3. I wish I had a picture of day ~10 when I shaved it off. It was glorious. To be honest I don't think purple gowns are really my best look.

    Hospital Beard Selfie

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    I have an extensive knowledge of Mean Girls quotes.

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    Ooh la la, pops. That is definitely haute couture.

    Funny enough, I've been growing a beard of my own. It looks like [DIRTY WORDY], though. Here I am all dressed up for a funeral:

    If you're not sure how to take something I say, keep in mind that Bob Ross is my spirit animal. Hidden Content .

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    I'm sensing that we should have a beard growing competition.
    I have an extensive knowledge of Mean Girls quotes.

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    No fair, I only have a mustache

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    Man, I look like a middle aged sex offender
    Je suis Charlie.

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