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Thread: Post a selfie!

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    Apple you look just as I thought you would, serious expression and all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple Ice View Post
    =Apologies for the mullet, every female in my life is lobbying to have it removed.
    Yeah, every female in my life made me get rid of my hair when it was a 90s-style parted-down-the-middle kinda thing. I thought I looked like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy, but I was eventually nick-named "The Butt Cut."
    If you ever need a second set of eyes on your work, PM me for a critique! I'm happy to help Hidden Content

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    Plastic, I don't believe that for a second haha, no ones that good. Was surprised with what you looked like, wasn't expecting you to be so tall.

    Bishop, that can't handle our creative minds and heads.
    Apple Ice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gyarachu View Post
    It's a daily battle, my friend, a daily battle.
    Oh god, I feel that. I don't have that much but I didn't even use the degree. I mean, it was a great experience but I basically just have this 8,000 piece of paper sitting around now. I hate it.
    "I like working with first time directors because they don't really know the rules yet. And therefore don't know any limits."
    -Sir Ben Kingsley

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewdog View Post

    [vahy-ruhl] Show IPA


    3.becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person,

    I did not LOL at this, I don't know how it happened.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pidgeon84 View Post
    I saw that too. It's slightly disturbing.
    What has this Forum come to?

    Quote Originally Posted by SarahStrange View Post
    I take it you don't watch Doctor Who? Stormageddon Dark Lord of All is a character on the show. Specifically, a baby. That wants to rule the world. Specifically. Lots of people use the name for usernames and whatnot.
    David Tennant is the only Doctor for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by amsawtell View Post
    Nah, he's a pervert--he's just a pervert that doesn't share.

    Lew, it's my turn with the binoculars!

    If you see a murder, call the police!

    Quote Originally Posted by Apple Ice View Post
    I would have smiled but I genuinely can't unless someone makes me. Apologies for the mullet, every female in my life is lobbying to have it removed.
    OMG, Apple, you're so young.
    Je suis Charlie.

    "My ambition is handicapped with laziness." - Charles Bukowski
    "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka!” but “That’s funny…” - Isaac Asimov
    "Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine." - Alan Turing
    "Physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is an attempt by an atom to understand itself.” - Michio Kaku
    "No fighting in the War room!" - Dr. Strangelove
    "I'm friends with the mustard that's under my bed" - The Internet

    In memory of Pandora, a beautiful butterfly spreading its wings above the Earth's realm...

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    Ha I've come to accept those comments Schrody, I'm just hoping it will last when I'm middle aged. A 20 year old looking like a lanky 12 year old isn't the best thing in the world.
    Apple Ice

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    Shoot, Apple Ice - I thought you was forty. Probably a chiropractor or somethin'.

    Kidding of course, you look 12.

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    I really thought Apple Ice would be cooler.

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    Lewdog, your pun is appreciated. If a mullet doesn't make me cool then I give up.

    The best thing about this whole ordeal is that next time we're all disagreeing with each other about the importance of character description, we can just get really personal with each other and see who cries first. Would have to do crying selfies of course.
    Apple Ice

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiP View Post
    You look nothing like I imagined, Folc
    ...Folc finds himself stricken with a cautiously morbid curiosity.
    For any who are wondering...

    Show: Stephanie's eyes rose and her lips curved down as Melanie ambled through with intentional grace. Men's eyes widened ablaze; Stephanie's narrowed in darkness. Her snarling lips caressed the edge of her glass.

    Tell: Stephanie was jealous of Melanie.


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