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    oh gosh this is such an issue for me. for my current project, i dont want my characters to have 'real' names, as it's fantasy (albeit loosely based in the historical time period of the middle ages). but when i make up names i worry that they are actual words in other languages!

    my female character names are: Ava, Lavna, Magra
    and my male characters: Nariman, Groman, Lodrian

    do you think these sound like fictional names, not words in other languages (besides English)?
    Go to google translate, type in the name under "recognize language" (or something like that) and have it translate it to English. If it does't recognize the name as a word, it's probably safe to use it I like the names you picked.

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    I think I have replied to this thread before, but...

    recently, I wanted to name a character to make the writing easier. I had resisted giving him a name for a long time but eventually I conceded.

    He was a soldier; able, proud and a last man standing after a momentous battle. He was considered a hero. However, he hated himself for what happened during the battle - the things he witnessed, done and was part of:- as a result he became a bum on the street (or for the era, a vagabond) and even after many years he could feel the weight of armour he had not worn since that battle.

    I named him Tavorian in the end. African origin meaning Misfortune...

    :- Guess for me I do tend to find meanings of names - but additionally, names that will be accepted into the setting and era.

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    I put a lot of thought into the names of my characters, they have to fit. Otherwise it feels strange to me. I like them to be simple yet memorable.

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    For the characters that I find the most important I choose names that fit them by meaning. I can spend 1 minute to an hour searching for names on numerous baby names sites.

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    I usually use the name Arney Schnuck, because nobody with the name Arney Schnuck is cool.
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    I just found out one of my character's name means horny in some other country... Will I change it? Not in a million years! I think guy names are much easier to come up with than female names. My name, on the other hand, is just perfect, so maybe that's why I find it difficult to name my female characters.
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