I have tried to force myself to write only to regret it later and trash whatever I wrote. It's funny but when I'm writing I don't really feel like I'm being creative so much as I am documenting what my characters are telling me that happened in their story. In my head they are all real and sometimes they just don't feel like talking to me. I took 3+ months off from writing. I was kinda freaked out because I have a bad habbit of starting things and never finishing them. I went through some self loathing while I was not writing thinking I was being lazy, but after the 3 months my characters exploded in my brain and wouldn't stop talking. They helped me fix alot of mistakes I had made before and I finished the story in a few short weeks. I am not editing for spelling and grammar issues, but hope to publish soon.

In my opinion it's okay to stop writing for a while, The voices will return to you when they are ready. Possibly stronger and more focused then before. Or I'm just a crazy person who hears voices. LOL