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    There sure as hell is a wrong way to write. In fact, there are far more wrong ways than there are correct ways. That's why there is so much junk posted on critique sites and glutting the web and even in book stores. If a writer's 'way' is boring, or confusing, or in any other way makes it hard for the reader, then it is wrong. The 'standard' techniques--what many people mistakenly call 'rules'--are more common because readers relate to stories told in that manner. Taking the reader out of his/her comfort zone is not a bad thing, but to do it effectively the author needs to have the skills to pull it off. Skills which are not intuitive, not easy, and are learned over time. Alternative grammar, unconventional tense choices, mixed POV, and any other 'way' to write are perfectly fine until they make the story a pain-in-the-ass for the reader. At that point they are wrong, just like third person, past tense, single POV is wrong if it isn't done with enough skill to keep the reader engaged.
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    There sure as hellis a wrong way to write.
    There are wrong ways to tell a story, but the only wrong way to write is to not put pen to paper or finger to keyboard. That and failing to adhere to SPaG, I guess.

    The 'way' is rarely wrong, IMO. It's the application in relation to purpose that counts.
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    I think, first person past tense implies a frame -- the events are over and you are telling from memory. The whole point of first person is to get the jagged immediate emotions and a non-omniscient view, right?

    Third person present tense implies that the third person is in the scene. That doesn't make sense, right.

    My worries about my new job are interrupted when the car abruptly stops. My new house. I get out and look while he gets my bags out of the trunk. Could I possibly be doing the right thing?

    I agree with the original poster -- rewrite that in third person and it takes off the edge.

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    Hi AT,
    I am by nature a contrarian. I have to find out for myself if the paint is wet and if I can get a good story out of first person present tense. You would be amazed at what I learn through experimenting, falling flat on my face and taking a different view.

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