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    The biggest thing to do? Just write.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -AT View Post
    How much planning do you do?
    I plan the key events. I know what has to happen and generally when it should be happening. Some people plan every character and every scene, I don't. So most of the scenes written by me totally pantsing. In fact, most of the characterizations are done totally on the fly. I tend to create the character when the need arises and develop them as I go (doing a bit of planning once they're created).

    Ultimately, I know how the story ends, how it begins and how everyone gets to their final destination... mostly. So I guess I'm sort of a hybrid. Most of the meat of the story is total inspiration, but I need to structure to move the story forward in a meaningful way.

    How much planning should you do?
    I plan as much as I'm comfortable with. But, I tend to leave a lot open for my subconscious and intuition to work its magic.

    Here's a good example.
    In my plan, I had a rift developed between the normal soldiers and the enhanced soldiers. The enhanced soldiers are protected and the normal ones are used almost as cannon fodder. I had no idea how I was going to bring that to bare or exactly how I was going to show the difference in the allocation of resources. As the story progressed, I "stumbled" onto the answer. In fact, I stumbled into a few new characters the same way.

    So, if you can leave some room for innovation, do so. Don't be afraid to deviate from the plan.

    I'm conflicted by this. For my current project, I've done a lot of character planning with their back history, their current conflicts, how they mesh with the other characters, and so on. I feel like, as far as my cast goes, it's pretty solid.
    I've also got a very grounded setting, and details about why it's set where it is, when it is, etc. So, my universe is there and I like it.

    The one thing I didn't take too much time to plan is an actual story arc. My idea with this was too create this world and the people in it, and start writing from there in a sort of episodic manner. I feel like it's working out alright, but I've not gotten very far into it yet. Do you think this is a bad approach in the long run? Will I likely run into problems with cohesion or continuity or plot holes in the future if I don't carefully plan out an overview of the story?

    Thanks for any replies.
    As a planner as well, my advice would be to leave room for all of the new things your world will show you. Just look at all of the complexity in our environment. Not everything needs a detailed explanation the moment you write it. In fact, you don't even need to explain everything in general... just like in real life. Your characters may do things go back so far that the reason they do it, is lost in antiquity.

    Real life example... the tooth fairy. It's a mosh of a bunch of different customs, but most don't have an exact reason for why they tell their children this lie. If that was in your story, do you have to give the reader a long background on why the characters do it? Of course not. The same applies to your story. Not everything needs a deep dive or the reader to full understand why it's done. It could one of those things that just is.

    Lastly, allow your unique creativity to flourish. Over-planning can be a symptom of fear. Don't allow fear to stop your from creating.
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    Actually I had an article posted on this topic over the weekend.

    Link: Flank Hawk and the Writing Process

    In short, I discuss origin of my first novel's premise/idea. And then I how I went about planning and writing it. I relate the process to planning a road trip vacation. If you're interested, you can follow the link for the detailed explanation.

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