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    Quote Originally Posted by White Rabbit Ninja View Post
    That's amazing! It looks really nice. How do you use the folding stick?
    They show book binding on YouTube. With a "bone folder" (so named because of what it was originally made of; these days made of plastic or, in this case, wood) you simply fold the paper and increase the fold by pressing the bone folder along that crease. Did you follow that?

    That is a really NICE folder. Wouldn't mind one of my own. Is wood working another one of your hobbies? I would love one of those folders.

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    These look really good - I'm jealous!

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    That's so darn awesome! A long time ago, I watched a really neat documentary on some of the last book-binders left in the Untied States. It was fascinating. Since then, I've always had an interest in it.

    Popsrocket - Have you thought about any embossing techniques? What sort of paper do you use?

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    That is so awesome, pops! I've never thought of binding my own book. I am so impressed!

    *copies post for future reference*
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    Thank you everyone for the praise!

    I actually sold a small stack of the 10 sheet notebooks (the ones with orange card) to the local Nanowrimo organiser who wanted to give them out as prizes at the kick off party. If only I could make a living doing this. It was so tempting to stamp/emboss a brand mark on there and start my stationery empire too...
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    Mother will once again be the victim of a book binding exploit. She has gotten very into journaling over the last few months, so I've made her a traveller's notebook for Christmas.

    For those who don't know, a traveller's notebook is a refillable journal that takes small notebooks. There's only an elastic strap for one but it's pretty popular to add in more notebooks like I have done.

    These notebooks are similar to the ones above. 12 sheets a piece, lined pages that I had printed. They're stitched a little differently but are basically the same product. I have also included two little folders for loose leaf pages that go in there along with the notebooks.

    12 sheets each means 48 pages per notebook. I've made her six notebooks so that she has some refills that will last her a while.

    I'm not entirely happy with the colour of the leather, but it's absurdly difficult to get small pieces of leather so I was basically stuck using what I already had. Turns out it's even more difficult to find leather dye and I've left it a bit late to buy any online. It's okay. It looks better than I thought it would at least, and once I iron out a few kinks from being stored it'll be nice.
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    Having taken a book binding course, I am boggling at your skill. Gorgeous! I found it really hard on the hands. Have you dabbled in making your own paper? I loved that part of the course, as I made some gorgeous abaca paper, bound my hand made with some 'scrap' (think found papers like maps and stuff) to create a neat little interactive journal.

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    WOW! These DIY books you guys have made/posted are absolutely stunning! I've been interested in doing something like this for a long time but never was able to get everything I needed for it. I mean, it sounds easy enough and the materials I know aren't super expensive but for someone like me, I just don't have the money to buy anything these days. However, it is still on my list of things to do before I die! I will make myself a DIY book one of these days.

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    I have been thinking about trying this, so I'm very excited to find this thread!

    I'm surprised by the stitching. I thought each section had to be stitched independently. No?

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