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    Book binding

    I've always been a hands on guy. I can use any tool you can name and I've never met anything that I couldn't make. So I was looking at my stupidly expensive moleskine and noting just how quickly I was burning through the pages. Decided to have a look at book binding and that's how we got here.

    Pages folded and stacked. 40 sheets makes 160 pages. Picked up a stick in a local park, split it a couple of times with an axe, and then spent 20 minutes with a sander turning it into a folding tool. Works really well for a bit of low-tech toolery. I was concerned the wood would mark the page, but even unvarnished it doesn't leave a single spot. I'll finish sanding it properly one day soon.

    Stitched the pages together. Took right on an hour. Judging by how fast I got through the last couple of signatures I'd be able to do the stitching in half the time and make it neater when I try again.

    Spine glued and sat under a heavy weight for half an hour.

    Added end pages of thick black paper and reinforced the spine with another piece of paper. I had been wanting to add in a bookmark ribbon but was unable to find the stash of ribbons that I know are around this house somewhere. If I were a more patient man I would have waited until I could buy some before putting on that bit of paper, but no one's perfect.

    Opens perfectly flat from the first page to the last. Which I'm very impressed with.

    It's at this point that I really don't have what I need to finish it. Need to source some board to use for the cover pages, and I also need some vinyl to cover them with...

    Once I'm done with this one I think I'll actually digitise mother's recipe collection and turn it into a nice hard-bound book as a birthday present. Just thinking of how carefully I'm going to have to arrange the pages for printing is making my head spin.
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    Nice work, pops!
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    Very professional. My late English master's wife runs courses on bookbinding in Launceston, Cornwall. I last did that kind of bookbinding in 1956 in primary school! Now I'm old and idle, I just find a bit of cloth, smear PVA adhesive on it, and put on a clamped wadge of paper endways till it's dry, then I chop the spare cloth off with a guillotine...
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    Alright, well it took me way too long to find some cardboard to use for the cover, and it was even difficult to find vinyl to use in covering the book for some odd reason. I swear I could find vinyl in every fabric/crafty/arty type shop last time I needed it, but had to make a specialist trip to get it this time. Other than that it took me a couple of days to digitise mother's cookbook like I wanted to. Took me about 4 hours to type it up and about as long again to put it all together in InDesign. Thank god for owning high end program suites. There is no way I could have made this without the help of InDesign.

    So I made my cover(s). I was doing the practice notebook first, but the cookbook looks identical except for having printed pages. Stuck it all together and no, it's not as crooked as the picture looks. My phone has quite a wide angle lense, so everything looks distorted because of how close I was holding it to the book.

    And the finished product. The vinyl on the cover isn't perfect, but that's why I was doing a test copy first!

    A final size comparison to my moleskine. If I had been able to find a round corner punch I would have rounded the corners on both the books I made. I'm quite disappointed that I couldn't find one. There were some on ebay but by the time I realised that I really couldn't get one in the shops, it would have been too late to buy one and wait for shipping.

    The cookbook. I bought some ribbon to use as a bookmark.

    Very carefully laid out interior which is totes #professional. Okay, maybe not. Page layout is only tangentially related to my skill set and I didn't have a photo for every dish to make it look all pretty.

    I'll just have to wait and see what mother thinks of her gift!

    Thank you for joining me on this short and anti-climactic journey.
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    This is amazing! Ever since I read Inkheart I have wanted to learn how to make books like this!
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    This is really usefull. In the sieres I'm writing there is an important book that is past between a lot of the main characters I have been wanting to make a prop of that book for a while now so this will be vary helpful thanks

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    I made a homemade bound book for my wife of some of my poetry. I wish I had had better materials than I used (wrong type cardboard for the covers). Other than that, it turned out okay.
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    That's amazing! It looks really nice. How do you use the folding stick?

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    Ever since I bound those two books this is all I seem to do with my procrastinating time.

    Made these little notebooks with some orange card I had left over from something else. 10 sheets, which makes 40 pages, about the same size as a Moleskine notebook. No complex stitching like in the large notebooks though, these ones are a single stack of pages folded in half and stitched down the middle. Any more than about 12 sheets and the books don't stay closed until they've sat under a weight for a month or so.

    They're quite fun to make.

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    How Cool, Definitely Need To Try This Out One Day.

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