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Thread: Units of time and measurement in Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories

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    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions on this.

    It is an interesting problem.

    My thoughts are to try to minimize the use of such units unless they are absolutely vital to the story. You can still get your point across with non-specifics i.e. young, old, short, far etc. However, when needed, my personal preference is to use solar cycles, planetary turns, cubits, clicks and the like.

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    Or you can call it a "revolution day" instead of the year, it's basically the same, it's just different and more scientific word for a year.
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    I figure you're already borrowing our language for your characters (whatever language you write in, say English, is not the one that they probably use on your planet), so why not just use meters and liters and seconds? You could spend half a chapter or an entire appendix explaining how many glutes are in a blartron, or you can focus on what matters: your narrative. If you have to invent a new system of measurement, say for something on a Galaxy wide scale, then perhaps mention once (and only once) that all units of time and measurement are regulated by Galactic standards. If you go down the rabbit hole of excluding words that are based on Earthly things, you're not going to have a lot of words left to describe your Universe. You wouldn't be able use okay, for instance, because that is based on Martin van Buren, eighth president of the United States. Just write in your language, use whatever source you want to. I'd stick to one or the other, either Standard Units or Metric Units, but don't dwell on it.
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    I enjoy reading all the answers in here.

    Especially considering that I am too darn lazy to create my own units of measurement for my Fantasy world.

    I just came up with a way for that world to "borrow" ours.
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    This thing is a cool example. It spins at a constant pace so it's used as a standard measurement of time throughout the universe. Some dude turns it off and half the clocks stop working.

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