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    When I was a young and studiously na´ve instructor at Simon Fraser U, I attended a senior colleague's lecture and jotted down some notes. A few weeks later, in a lecture of my own, I quoted a couple of his remarks, acknowledging him by name. etc. He heard about this and stormed into my office, mad as hell. "Every word I say is implicitly COPYRIGHTED," he bellowed. He said I had to get his permission to use his words. He was writing a book, and the passages I had cited were to be part of it. My carelessness had compromised the integrity of his upcoming textbook. He was not mollified by my suggestion that it was somewhat unlikely my 18-year-old freshmen were going to dash our and publish papers on pre-Elizabethan Courtly love. Anyhoo, I checked it out, and lo and behold, he was correct. Copyright is asserted in Canada rather more informally than elsewhere. Mailing a Registered copy of your work to yourself, for example, and NOT opening it upon arrival is still upheld in court as "sufficient" proof of ownership of intellectual materials. BUT it is still recommended that you formally copyright in the regular manner.


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    I'm trying to find an area where I might get some advice on character/species descriptions within the area of character development. Is there such an area here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepindawg View Post
    I'm trying to find an area where I might get some advice on character/species descriptions within the area of character development. Is there such an area here?
    Hi Sleepindawg - nice to see you here. I don't really know of an area that would deal specifically with the type of descriptions you are looking for, so I would suggest you try beginning a discussion in Writing Discussions Just type in what you are hoping to get advice on, and I'm sure there are several here who would like to help out. Good luck!
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    There is quite a bit on character development in writing discussion already, it might also be worth trying a few more specific search terms within it.
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