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    All is not as it appears; some people really are rats.

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    Genetics and time has allowed us to open our minds, now anything is possible, even flight.

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    "A unique atheistic exemplification of spirituality through more commonplace religious imagery." 11

    "In an alternate not-so-distant future a band of rebels find struggle utilizing their psychic abilities against a totalitarian government." 21 words

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.Goepner View Post
    Genetics and time has allowed us to open our minds, now anything is possible, even flight.
    I'm fairly sure this is something that's already happened. I'm referring to airplanes, of course, but you understand my meaning.

    "A unique atheistic exemplification of spirituality through more commonplace religious imagery." 11
    Is this fiction or non-fiction?
    "Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page for each day, it helps. Then when it gets finished, you are always surprised." --John Steinbeck

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    Set between the 11th century and the present day, The Wolves of Langabhat is an epic twist on Scots folklore and Norse mythology dealing with Vikings, werewolves, friendship and rock n' roll.

    This is the actual hook line I've been using in my submission cover letter!
    "If at first you don't succeed, aff wi' the bunnet, and in wi' the heid." - Old Glasgow proverb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InkwellMachine View Post
    Is this fiction or non-fiction?
    It is fiction but its an attempt at classical style where nearly everything is a metaphor for real world applicability.

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    Spanning two realities, only Hell stands between man and his complete annihilation.
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    On my ninth novel, and I think I'm just starting to get the hang of this writing thing...


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    - In the 22nd century, virtuality has gone so far, old-fashioned detective who despise technology has to solve a murder by the virtual drug.

    - When Marianne decides to go to a field trip, she discovers she's now in a different world, with it's own rules.

    - Contract killer of 12 year regrets the day he met the Old Man, and has to choose; keep working for him so his love could live, or personal salvation?
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    Losing her parents, Natalie sets off into a bleak world to get revenge; this however soon becomes bigger than herself.

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    My newest:

    Asteroid miner accidentally unearths technology that can change the future for any faction that possesses it. And she doesn't know it.

    Cancer patient cryogenically freezes himself in hopes of future cure, is awoken by scout ship at war 3500 years later.

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