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    Quote Originally Posted by Outiboros View Post
    ... Think about the great SF writers - Heinlein, Isaac Asimov... The whole Robot and Foundation series are based on the 50's views of computers and nuclear power, and it's all completely ridiculous when you read it now, and yet the Robot stories sometimes come eerily close to reality. I mean, Asimov literally invented the term 'robotics': science fiction in his time, a valid career choice in ours.
    The original Foundation series was more about "psychohistory" (ie, a "soft" science treated as a "hard" science, according to the definitions provided earlier in this thread), and the whole series came as close to Heinlein's future history/shared universe treatments of mass/mob psychology, but without the latter's interest in sexual and cultural shifts, as Asimov was ever likely to get.

    Yes, Asimov coined the term, robotics, and was the first to set out the Three Laws of Robotics, and then enjoyed many years of finding ways to get around or simply break them.
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    Independent salvage crew stumbles on evidence of galactic conspiracy, race toward the truth to preserve peace against shadowy, malevolent forces.

    Woooooo! 20 words. So simple, compared to the intricate web I weaved in the main plot.

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    A story of government corruption, romance, and an uncertain end to be determined by the actions of few.
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    A near death experience changes Ebony's life forever and soon she must make the biggest decision, to either save or destroy the world as we know it.

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    I'm aware there's some sort of meaningful discussion happening but I can't be bothered to read and just want to do the task. Do you have to have disclaimers for comments? If so, Disclaimer: Bad word

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    A man walks into a country club.

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    ...and says "ouch."
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    A man develops his analytical intelligence to the point where he is unable to make any sort of decision then resorts to omens and superstition in order to make any headway in life at all.
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    An off-duty New York cop is stuck in a Los Angeles office building and must single-handedly fight off German terrorists and save the hostages - one of which is his wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinJinQLB View Post
    An off-duty New York cop is stuck in a Los Angeles office building and must single-handedly fight off German terrorists and save the hostages - one of which is his wife.
    Sounds like Die Hard
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