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    1. Idle scion to a rich aristocratic family fantasizes that he is Batman.

    2. A photographer’s digital pictures show the future 10 minutes ahead.

    3. A blind artist who paints portraits by touching people’s faces, shows their emotions just by listening to their voices.

    4. A smooth-talking investment dealer must complete 200 hours of community service at the old age home of people whose pensions were affected by his dealings.

    5. Three brothers try to replicate all the Marx Brothers’ movies.

    6. A Muslim terrorist is awarded a scholarship to a Christian fundamentalist college.

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    Wolflike aliens are mistaken for gods by the peasant girl they try to chow upon, and there's no telling "were" things go from here.

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    A young man wakes up in another world as a wolf, with no memory of how he got there.

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    A baroness from hell tried to take over the world, starting with a town with robots, aliens, powerful gemstones and teleporters.

    It's a comic series.

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    Kingdoms will fall, crowns will shatter and Unions will be reforged - a lone King will fight for unity, but only the righteous will victor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Staff Deployment View Post
    • A psychic shizophrenic rescues her sister from a dying fantasy world, and enjoys it way too much.
    • An orphaned girl is adopted by an evil wizard, but forced to and must choose between to either join the forces of good and or accept her new home.
    • During a diplomatic mission, a former sex-bot is stranded on a planet about to be destroyed by eldritch monstrosities.
    • After humanity is nearly annihilated by insect storms, three survivors struggle to fight off wave after wave of spiders. In a post-apocalyptic world where only children can see the monsters, a teenager on the brink of puberty must pretend he's still a kid.
    • An electrician who finds herself trapped in a haunted hotel must rely on its crazed residents to escape.
    Dang, that first one gives some Alice through the Looking Glass feels. Love it!
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    Scientists, who believe they found the secret to time travel, test their theory, which causes the universe to implode.

    Granted, it's a short story.

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    A cyborg from the future goes back in time to carry out a mission, only to end up in the wrong time, with the wrong person, and further the events of the future.

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