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    A Pennsylvania guy buys a camel.
    "How can we know the dancer from the dance?" - W.B. Yeats
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    Quote Originally Posted by HandinHandTogether View Post
    I am writing a non fiction book, replies here seem to be for fiction, am i welcome
    You are very welcome here! This particular exercise is usually used by fiction authors, nonfiction authors usually have a much more easily defined subject. But! That's not to say that it doesn't help to define a specific mission statement for your nonfiction piece to help define the scope of your research and narrative.

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    Let's see, Ummm...

    I got it. Ones that I am currently working on at the moment.

    A horny couple can't have a kid unless one of them enters the galactic imperial military.

    A young man escapes an abusive family, only to be plagued by PTSD, headaches, suicidal thoughts and terrified that he will hurt his new wife.

    A successful general is unknowingly set up to marry the niece of the Emperor.

    A change in a commanding generals mind results in a larger campaign to end a civil war early.

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    A writer's attempt to be the God of a young man's destiny slowly develops into a manipulative game.

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    After his class is gunned down, a professor must find and kill the shooter before the police discover the unseemly details that led to the shooting.

    (It didn't reach the CIBA 'Clue Awards' Semifinals for nothing)
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    Los Angeles, 1942. Private detective David Cole is hired to track down a missing blackjack dealer, only to soon find himself thrown into a murder frame and onto the trail of a deadly gang of criminals flooding the streets with heroin.

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    "Fact: Exiting the Vietnam War almost overnight, a LRRP patrol was never picked up, creating the most incredible story, ever."

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    No more than 20 words is the hardest part. Let's see...

    Caught in a time war, Ida tries to survive discovering time travelers, while one investigates her town's significance across time.

    It hurts to do that. Physically hurts...

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    Each of my books have a theme behind the plot - so I'll show both here:

    Dark Side of Joy: A young boy flees Child Protective Services and finds love and pain in equal measure. (Theme: perseverance)

    Last Dragon: An outlaw seeks a better life and fights to save those he loves. (Theme: Sacrifice)

    Departure: An engineer battles a socialist regime while working to save humanity. (Theme: Cunning)

    Desperation: A soldier wages war against tyranny aboard star ships lost in outer space. (Theme: Integrity)

    Damnation: An android must deal with prejudice and defeat a brutal religion. (Theme: Intolerance)


    Deviation: An escaped slave finds dignity and love while unifying humanity. (Theme: Virtue)

    On the horizon:

    Destination: Humanity unites to evolve into something new while Androids watch. (Theme: Transformation)

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    Two working class young men--both hamstrung and impeded, but close friends--try to navigate the world.


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