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Thread: Your Story In One Sentence

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    A wannabe writer joins a writing forum, reads a load of tips, and begins his journey into delusions of competence.

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    In a world devastated by the return of magic, a young woman is given a chance to gain power beyond her dreams if she dares to take it.

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    A Crowned Princess finds her carefree days of adventure coming to an end as family and duty call.

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    A wartorn pilot searches to find a new planet for hir people while being separated from hir family.

    (Note: 'hir' is intentional, the main character is non-binary.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by willowarc View Post

    (Note: 'hir' is intentional, the main character is non-binary.)
    I got it was intentional when it was repeated, but does 'non-binary' mean 'family' is parents and siblings, or can hi still reproduce?
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    Newly widowed, a woman must find a way to save herself before she loses it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olly Buckle View Post
    I got it was intentional when it was repeated, but does 'non-binary' mean 'family' is parents and siblings, or can hi still reproduce?
    Nonbinary is transgender "It's complicated". They can be assigned female, male, or intersex, and they may or may not be doing anything medical to transition. Even with transitioning, families are possible, my husband has a biological daughter. Adoptive children, siblings, parents, etc. are also possible. The details are mostly unimportant.

    WIP will be drafted by Monday at this rate, so my next piece is:

    A queer woman placates then flees her abusive father with her closeted transgender girlfriend of convenience.
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    One of the short stories I'm working on:

    Two amateur private detectives investigate a retired professor with ties to WW2 Germany.

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    Knowing that this life she is living isn't good for her kids or her, she struggles through difficult times to become a better person and a better mother.

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    Daughter cures her mother's insanity by finding the biological parents of a deceased child her mother adopted and claimed as its mother
    At last! No longer will I live another one's beat and song.
    Into ashes, Iíll return, and be it held by loved ones.
    Ceased will life liven me of breathe again to lust.
    Speak of it no more, of love, to whom, Iíve yet bequeath.


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