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Thread: Your Story In One Sentence

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    Martin recalls seeing a murder when he was thirteen but is not sure if it is a dream or real so he returns to his home town 40 years later to find out.

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    I really like your one sentence describing your book. I thought about how to describe my book in one sentence but gave up, so I decided to post a sentence from fantasy book The Ethereals.

    Na'tane's eyes flashed like a stun grenade, they both dropped their swords screaming, "My eyes, my eyes I can't see!" Bendal didn't hesitate, he picked up a sword killing them both.
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    Two countries engrossed in extremism; two people trying to connect.
    "I don't do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision."

    "America I've given you all and now I'm nothing."

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    'T'is a literary journey that unfolds like an origami crane, and involves a great many people with lots of weapons who are in foul moods and wear terribly silly hats and carry sack lunches that their mothers packed for them.... and... ah....

    Well, anyway... I need to go get some writing done.
    Me: "You know the way a gun barrel tastes?
    Everyone: Uh... No.

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    Filipino vampire eats baby. Is killed by little girl.

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    Disconnected: Lonely expatriate engages in a phone relationship with a woman whom he discovers is a ghost.

    The Wolf: Little Red Riding Hood told from the perspective of the wolf who becomes her protector.

    Alt: When the lines between virtual reality and physical reality begin to blur, three young people embark on a heist that could cost them their lives.

    The Note: A teen discovers a three-day old suicide note written by a friend that he's just been hanging out with; a friend that's been dead for three days.

    Punch: An insurance salesman begins to lose his mind and starts punching everyone who angers or frustrates him, including panhandlers, until he cuts one of his knuckles on his boss's teeth, contracts an awful infection, and ends up living on the street, panhandling.

    Ghost Light: A young man visits his estranged grandfather and is embroiled in an adventure of time, great machinery, storms, a secret passage, and all of it set against the eerie backdrop of St. Elmo's Fire.
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    Me: "You know the way a gun barrel tastes?
    Everyone: Uh... No.

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    Here's mine:

    Reluctant bride enlists in a war against a monochromatic theocratic regime, the same one that forced her to marry against her will.
    Somewhere... Beyond the sea...

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    Acorn: One of the few who has not been mind-wiped during the collision or two timelines to reproduce of a new one, Riley must maneuver this world without arising suspicion as she searches for a way to revert the collision.
    "When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand." - Raymond Chandler


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