Echoing what others have said, I loved the first paragraph. I feel like it could make a great prologue to the book before entering the first chapter. Of course, starting the chapter talking about his sister, as others have mentioned, is a bit problematic and would be smart to change.
Something else I would like to echo is the confusion I had with the characters inner voice. I honestly read it as if it were a female for a while, then I came upon that it was a male and just sat there feeling stupid.

I kinda assumed the firetruck bit was him thinking to himself, I tend to do something similar when I get in a crappy situation. So if you do keep it, make sure its obvious he's thinking that instead of just slapping it where it is. As Rose said above, definitely revisit it as it has the potential to give your character a lot of, well, character.

Over all I liked it, it flowed well save for a couple bumps and grabbed my attention.