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    Shawn sat with his girlfriend, Annie, and his mom, Ellen, in Dr.Steven’s office. Moments ago, Dr. Stevens had informed them he had stagefour chronic lymphocytic and six months to live. For a brief moment it was like the rest of the world stopped spinning and Shawn was stuck in his own infinity of time. Now the room was held in silence. He still couldn’t believe what Dr.Stevens had said. None of them could.
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    Bookmasta I see we are working on similar story lines... From mine

    “I got cancer; lots of cancer” “Huh” was all that I was able to say.
    A good son would have said more.

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    Now, that's three writers who're writing about cancer. Interesting
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    Working on a story about the discovery of the most evil guitar tone in history:

    All four were standing outside a local pawn on a beautiful fall day. Adam in front ogling what was in the window.

    "It's beautiful." He proclaimed.

    "Looks like a piece of shit to me." Rooney responded.

    "That's just the character." He said rather wistfully.

    "How are you even gonna afford it, man?" Iggy asked.

    "I just got paid."

    "How much?" Asked Rooney.

    "$278." He said with confidence that was soon squashed again by Rooney.

    "Panzer. That guitar is $275. Are you gonna live off 3 bucks for 2 weeks?"

    "I'll bring you food from school Panzer!" Cricket said enthusiastically. He was always behind what Adam was doing. He was like his older brother.

    "Boom! Done deal." He looked back and winked at Cricket.
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    "Son of a--" Kanda muttered, applying tight pressure to his bloodied leg with his left hand. In his right, he held the 9mm Beretta he had sworn he would not discharge for any reason. He sighed, wondering how his life could end up in such a place, and leaned on the door, opening it with his weight as he didn't have a free hand with which to do it. Then, he limped from the stoop out onto the sidewalk, and, in full view of the street, raised his right arm and unloaded the handgun's clip into the cop's head.

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    From; The Broken Planet, sequel to, The Searcher

    “You think that is why she is white, over the other three?” Linda asked looking at the twins.

    They looked at one another for a moment before they answered. “Yes we do. Because, Nadia is a dog that can turn human. Bagla took the dog and gave it the ability to become human. She is a dog in human form. Without her breading to a human her young will be dog throughout. No human mix in the body makeup. You would have been human in dog form Linda. Bagla was not that particular about it. You truly would have been a human in dog guise.” They said looking around at the three females.
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    A paragraph from a flash fiction I'm writing (which will hopefully become a short story and maybe even a novela)

    “You may be as devastating in war as you are in bed, but in this battlefield, you are still a child and this deceitful woman can teach you many things”

    Cunning . Iskander thought. If she was a man, the word they would use to describe her is cunning, but Olanians have different virtues for men and women and while the male heroes of Olanian lore are often celebrated for their skills in trickery, the women are only considered protagonists if they are pure and honest, otherwise they were demoness, witches, temptress.
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    Wrote this just the other night from a piece yet untitled.

    His prisoner's blond head lolled for a moment as consciousness fought sweet catatonic reverie for dominance. His pale hazel eyes glazed across the room and then fell downward as he took in the duct tape. Michael had been overly generous with the Alabama chrome. One could never be too careful with strangers you just pick up on the side of the road. Or in this case, coffee joints.

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    A paragraph from an untitled heist novel that I'm working on. Probably not even using the chapter this came from, so I thought I would post it here.

    Casey’s Tavern, a small dive just south of Union Station, was nearly empty as Joseph entered just after noon. The bartender nodded at him and pressed a discreet button near the register which unlocked a small office in the back by the restrooms. Joseph continued by the bar unfazed by his own ludicrously over-dressed appearance. Few of the winos that inhabited the bar at midday wore $5000 Italian suits.
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