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    June 2018 - "Mean Streets" Challenge Winner

    Lil' Cowboy by Gumby

    He rode the white horse
    in mama’s womb,
    she bucked him out
    on a crack house floor.

    Jitter baby, jitter,
    shake, sweat,
    crusty vomit,
    cardboard bassinet.

    He can’t sit still for Gramma’s hugs;
    she’s raisin’ him to be a man
    not no gangsta thug,
    sees him play in the street
    on his white stick horse,
    shoot finger guns at passing cars.

    She prays baby, prays,
    shakes and sweats;
    this child won’t rest in peace
    in no cardboard bassinet.

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    July 2018 - "Washing Bones" Challenge Winners

    Face the waves by toddm

    Face the waves that touch our country;
    breathe the starlight, admixed with brine;
    swim amidst bright dreams of morning
    tossed and tumbled through the night;
    a strong desire for wind is upon us,
    driven fierce by unseen tempests,
    pushing the waters onto pale shores
    through wild and wavering shadows;
    these fair bone-cages are being washed,
    serene in the warm and ebbing tide;
    the fragile half-light is burning down
    into the depths illumined in the eye;
    such twilight and silhouetted smiles,
    such longings between the water-pages,
    longings not understood by youth:
    the endless minstrelsy of frothy waves,
    eyes bright beneath star-spray blossoms,
    and the dying of each wave in its turn.

    The Woodworkers' Daughter by Chester's Daughter

    Her scale screamed
    less than six stone,
    most of which
    was exclusively bone,
    yet when she showered
    she scoured her skeleton
    in an unquenchable quest
    to wash away weight
    only she could see.

    But that came later.

    In the beginning,
    blessed with a normal BMI,
    she’d been content hiding
    behind her snare and cymbals,
    but a one of a kind voice
    forced her front and center

    where endless eyes focused
    on her imperfections

    most sadly born
    of her own misconception.

    Please the mother.
    Please the brother.
    Please the fans.
    Forget herself.
    Her sacred voice had no say.
    Powerless to plan her own steps,
    she took control another way.

    Thin was in
    and audiences did not pay
    to see a sloppy slob sashay.
    So she starved and purged,
    popping laxatives
    with metabolic uppers

    in record numbers
    to immediately usher out
    what tidbits she took in.

    She dropped pounds
    but her lying eyes denied the loss
    so her weight plummeted
    as desperate to lose more
    she clawed at death’s door
    finally feeling
    in command
    of her situation
    until the little she had left
    failed her
    in pursuit of preservation.

    A solitary savior

    was found in a network
    of collapsed vessels
    and through a tube
    her dying landscape was watered
    as its larger cousin
    force fed the crops.

    Her tissues greedily gulped
    what they needed to succeed

    and ounces married bone
    but alas

    it was too late.

    Syrup of ipecac
    had laid to waste
    the love starved muscle
    nestled within her chest.
    With almost no warning,
    her beat deserted her.

    At the age of 32,
    her caloric war ended,
    her unique sound
    forever gagged and bound
    for greener pastures.

    Back at the beginning,
    before she was held hostage
    by a mistaken mind,
    the family
    she relinquished her rights
    to please
    was as absent as the husband
    whose betrayal
    had brought her to her knees.

    Bedeviled and doomed,
    there’s no doubt you believed
    you were all alone
    as you cleansed
    those fleshless bones

    sweet, tragic Karen


    should have shown you different.

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    August 2018 - "Camping Out" Challenge Winner

    Man Out of Time

    Reduced to camping out at home,
    he lives the life he knows.
    But fearfully now.
    Sharpened stakes in hand-hewned holes
    defend the land he saved.

    Alone in a homeland without a home,
    his father, god and memories
    stem panic fear and dread
    of alien eyes that are on him.
    Death waits in far places.

    He hunts under the camera’s eye
    and makes the news abroad.
    For thirty years a diversion,
    fodder for assertions
    that something should be done.

    He knows nor cares of the world beyond
    the jungle of his birth.
    His only quest to stay alive,
    survive as he was taught
    and honour his birthright.

    The faithful canopy his shield,
    dependable stars his guide,
    he survives alone
    in a shattered world
    and waits to join his tribe.

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    September 2018 - "Whispering" Challenge Winner

    Black Silk White Dawn by Firemajic

    I dreamed you came to me
    though you've been gone for years
    you held me close through the night
    and dried my black silk tears

    Grief like deep dark water
    brought you back to me
    in my world of black silk sorrow
    you kept me company

    In my dark dream bed
    you gently removed my chains
    painful black silk memories
    burned away in white flames

    Ashes soft as a lover's whisper
    caressed my cold skin
    and I was beautifully changed
    by the black silk wind

    Drifting on my dream ocean
    suspended above the earth
    on a gentle black silk tide
    I watched the sun give birth

    There on the horizon
    a glimmer of pale light
    black silk faded to white dawn
    and burned away the night

    You left me in the morning
    but you helped me through the night
    black silk sorrow turned to mist
    in the peaceful white dawn light

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    October 2018 - "Dark Places" Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    Dark Angel
    by TL Murphy

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    November 2018 - "First Light" Challenge Winner

    The Dame Light by Darkkin

    Follow it back, along a path of sand,
    a tangled tendril amid maple stands.
    Go when the last sugar ray is flown,
    as autumn fades, the milkweed sown.
    Seek the soft prism of cold fae hands.

    As the season breaks, it reveals lands
    veiled from covetous eyes and hands.
    Marvels forbidden, secrets unknown.
    --Follow along a path of sand...

    From the veil she comes, prism in hand,
    as autumn dies, crimson ‘cross the land.
    And with it she comes, prisms sown,
    the first light of winter, tyrian blown—
    soul of the Dame Light unseen by man.
    --Follow, footprints cast in sand...

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    December 2018 - "Bells" Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    For Whom the Bell Tolls by Phil Istine

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    January 2019 - "Bow" Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    The Fiddler
    by PiP

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    February 2019 - “Frozen” Challenge Winner

    Broken Wing
    by TL Murphy

    On a dark river
    blood runs thin.
    A child of winter from feathers and furs
    walks over water
    old whiskey still burns
    his barefoot tongue
    a broken wing in tumbled stones
    where spirit ran
    from ice to wind. A caribou man
    less caribou skin
    through barren heaven
    boundless cold
    where brothers lay
    where mother’s face
    turned lightning strike
    and father fell
    under horse-drawn spirits
    the holy pale
    that shaved his head
    and buried his wolf
    under brick and glass
    clipped his bear-claws
    one by one
    .......bbound in inukshuk
    .........someone is here.

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    March 2019 - "Long Shadows" Challenge Winner

    Lux et umbra by toddm

    The shadows were long within her eyes
    from leafless treetops against the skies.
    Morning had brought a grey half-light
    smouldering at the edge of the dying night.
    Should I indeed allow myself to love
    this beautiful innocent and fragile dove
    lost in a wilderness of tangled winds,
    of bright beginnings and bitter ends,
    of embattled hopes amid great fears
    and joyful tidings after many tears?
    She smiled to herself, then looked at me;
    the shadows were gone, from what I could see.
    She took my hand and we faced the light
    which now filled the world, serene and bright.


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