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    December 2015 - "Glimpsed" Challenge Winner

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    The Glance by inkwellness

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    January 2016 - "Fiery Glow" Challenge Winner

    Walking Home by jenthepen

    True blackness is something that can be touched,
    with a pressing squeezing velvet weight
    all hung with soft whispering leaves.

    Footsteps are noises that drum in the mind
    when they come from behind or ahead,
    instigating a tingling dread.

    A light is something that hovers ahead
    and is glimpsed down the length of the road,
    wavering as it draws close.

    A threat is something with lumbering gait
    and malevolent fiery glow,
    as relentlessly slow as fate.

    Fear is something that crowds into the mind
    and leaves dread choosing what it will find,
    a chaos that cannot be read.

    Relief is something that’s caught in a name
    and foolish shame, as a neighbour is met
    and salutes with a wave of a cigarette.

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    February 2016 - "Refuge" Challenge Winner

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    Panic Room by Phil Istine

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    March 2016 - "Poisoned Chalice" Challenge Winner

    Child of Mourning by Anonymous

    We found Nirvana on the black slopes above the sea
    painted each other with soft volcanic ash
    I sculpted you with my soft hands
    shadowed angles and hard muscle
    closing my eyes to your addiction
    I worshiped you on my knees

    I tasted the elixir of your passion
    a seductive drug
    sweet addiction on my lips
    fire in my throat
    poison growing in my belly
    sea breeze soothing our heat

    In a driftwood shack by the sea
    I gave you a son
    sculpted of our desire
    fragile as silk foam on waning tides
    tiny translucent starfish fingers
    perfect ocean pearl skin

    Your poison contaminated
    the sacred chalice of our son's body
    helpless I screamed a primal curse at mortality
    I buried him in the soft ashes of your addiction
    as you moaned your denial
    I never forgave you

    You begged me to kneel and worship you
    no longer addicted I moaned my denial
    cowering in soft grey ashes of our passion
    weeping acid tears of hate that eroded my face
    I filled the empty chalice of our love with poison
    as the sun set I watched as you disappeared into the sea

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    April 2016 - "Suffer the Children" Challenge Winners

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    Childhood in Chains by Tealynn

    Baby Haunts Her Corner by Chester's Daughter

    Baby sports more prints
    than bagged forties
    passed 'round her corner.
    Eyes never to see twenty,
    reflect a century's
    worth of torture.

    Mater shared her habit
    with busty preteen
    in threadbare bra,
    now every venous road
    is run ragged
    by spawned track star.

    Cheeks peek
    from beneath
    a tiny denim tease,
    when you wanna work,
    advertising captures sleaze.
    Daddy takes his share,
    pink limo must be prime,
    gotta have a guardian
    to keep the tricks in line.

    Mama's a magician
    who makes stuff disappear,
    bags, bucks, and self-esteem
    vanish when she's near.
    "Can't sell my shriveled prune,
    but you're still nice and ripe,
    best pass that pipe on over
    cuz it was me who gave you life."

    Spoonfuls of sugar
    amply sweeten the pot,
    those lovely little nods
    are all poor Baby's got.
    Despite stiletto wobble,
    she's always in the game,
    palming chips
    from countless hands
    'fore dawn dents
    dark's bruised remains.

    Ghost leans upon a lamppost,
    glittered orbs drooping closed,
    slurring a seductive pricelist
    with her pretty ass exposed
    and perceiving the scent of pig
    through a septum deprived nose.

    Illuminated aluminum
    declares Times Square,
    but that's just for the tourists,
    walking dead are well aware
    a bleary peer at the sign back
    bares Satan's Thoroughfare

    an avenue of excess
    worn down to cobblestone,
    sprinkled with spent syringes
    and powdered babies' bones.

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    May 2016 - "Necessary Lies" Challenge Winner

    Necessary Ink by Darkkin

    A measure taken, crown to toes, the tip of a chin.
    A smirk and a shrug saying nothing, saying all—
    A battle, two sides and only one allowed to win.

    Raised reading of fabled green gables, alpine goats,
    a black horse with a three penny spot, a lost shoe,
    djinns, seven swans, and a girl in a rough skin coat.

    Necessary lies, these stories captured in faded ink.
    No truth in the words, just nonsense to illustrate—
    by word, by deed: Try, yet take the time to think.

    Empathy, learned through the eyes of these lies,
    alongside the truth, by turns beautiful and cruel,
    endowed her with the ability nay, a right to try.

    Bright and swirling, both the dress and the mind,
    she peered from her shell, a bubble circumscribed.
    Na´ve, yes, but only fools give trust that is blind.

    Trust, more precious than gold, harder to earn.
    By word, by deeds, secrets in the little things,
    sensed, seen. A hand in trust offered in turn.

    But there are those, who never sought to learn.
    Folk clad in naught but ignorance seek to take,
    lashing out when denied, advances spurned.

    A lacquered bubble about her, a living shell—
    fluid and breathing. A hint of a shimmer, there
    in her eyes, the workings of some illusory spell.

    It wasn’t much, but enough, to garnered a look.
    He came striding up, a spoiled, polished tough.
    Not of the tribes that earned, but those that took.

    She might have been the first, no way to tell,
    but being raised among those who seek to earn,
    she told him no, gave him a look: What the Hell!

    A hand was offered, but not one of earned trust.
    Furor rising at a plain spoken no, he struck out,
    leaving her, eye blackened, sprawled in the dust.

    The parallels she drew, those thoughts that flew,
    shock dwindling to deep seated pain—Breathe!
    The tears, the price of a lesson only takers knew.

    Laughter filled her ears, as she rose, wiping tears.
    Spine straight, bone shattered ‘neath a purple mar,
    she wouldn’t let their golden boy have her fear.

    Necessary lies, those stories captured in faded ink.
    Journeys come full circle, facing pasts and fears,
    The axiom: Try, yes but take the time to think.

    A measure taken, crown to toes, the tip of a chin.
    A smirk and a shrug saying nothing, saying all—
    A battle, two sides and she did not let him win.

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    June 2016 - "Echoes" Challenge Winners:

    Words by Terry D

    Words burden like anchors.
    Damage like blades.
    Stain like blood.

    And they echo.

    Kindly click to view:

    Debugging by Gumby

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    July 2016 - "Interwoven" Challenge Winners:

    Kindly click to view:

    a small place in Poland by ned

    Fragmentation Finale by Chester's Daughter

    There's a stranger inside skin
    leaving little room for me,
    living rent free,
    and I can't recall
    when she slithered in.

    Not bound by the box,
    the bossy sly fox
    started twanging strings
    making mouth
    and muscles
    do horrible things.

    She seems to favor
    aberrant behavior,
    the worse the better
    for her to savor.
    Now dry eyes drown
    when no one's around
    and desire for disaster
    secretly adorns plaster.
    Maniacal murals
    done in plurals

    because once is just not enough,
    no missed messages allowed.
    Swirling purple and black
    extol impending payback,
    yet no one sees it but us.

    She flaps my tongue
    and praises once sung
    now ramble in reverse
    cackled to tackle
    intended targets
    with a sniper's aim
    meant to maim.

    I'm ankle deep
    in dropped flies,
    downed victims of her rise,
    for surely it can't be me
    goring egos so brutally.

    Or can it?

    Too many hushed fears,
    shushed tears, yes dears,
    hear, hears, silenced jeers,
    concealed sneers,
    and broken dates
    with pinking shears,
    engraved an invitation

    to myself

    she is me
    and we
    will always be


    Weary of being pestered,
    the muted me sequestered
    kept crippled and bedridden
    has learned to walk and talk

    and what I held in
    set her free.

    Melded by angst,
    the world has my thanks
    now never alone
    I'm no stepping stone

    take care where you tread.

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    August 2016 - "Hidden" Challenge Winner

    Archaeopteryx by ​ned

    Proposed in 1859
    As Darwin challenged The Word
    That dinosaurs, are of course
    Ancestral to every bird.

    Finally hunted down in China
    Petrified in ashen cover
    A ghostly vision of transition
    From one class to another.

    Given wings, unlocked from rock
    Where it may have lain forever
    For it clearly shows, in delicate rows
    A dinosaur sporting feathers.

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    September 2016 - "Charm" Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    The Charmless Poet by ned


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