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    February 2015 - "Words" Challenge Winner

    Let There Be Words by astroannie

    words create worlds
    some say this world
    is the word of god

    god became man
    as men became gods
    crafting new worlds

    each in his own image
    words made real
    alternate truths

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    March 2015 - "Take Me Out of Pity" Challenge Winner

    An Unwanted Burden by J.J. Maxx

    The blade was swift, the cuts exact
    A life removed of innocence.
    My youth destroyed but left intact
    And left to live this cruel dispense.

    To be alone with scars as kin
    To walk ashamed for who would stand
    The wretched soul accursed by sin
    In shifting towns with Christian hands.

    They pray for me, the pious few
    Contrite in deed and slow in mind
    The breath of fools to hide taboo
    And keep the wicked few confined.

    But girls grow up, scars and all
    And learn to see beyond the stains
    So soon I'll go to buildings tall
    Away from pity, break the chains.

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    April 2015 - "Shades of Grey" Challenge Winner

    A Thousand Shades of Gray by rcallaci

    In black of night and bright of day
    in the pits of hell and heavens bay
    there comes to us a middle way
    hooray, hooray, hooray-

    with tints of black and hues of white
    the world unfolds to mans’ delight
    where daemons and fae hold equal sway
    hooray, hoorah, hooray-

    We are all gray strings and things made of clay
    diddle le do diddle le de diddle le day …

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    May 2015 - "The Beast Within" Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    Ambiguity by Greimour

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    June 2015 - "Deception" Challenge Winners

    Kindly click to view:

    Duplicity by Nellie

    Interlocking Triangles by astroannie

    He calls me "honey"
    ... afraid he'll say the wrong name ...
    I call him "baby".

    Drivers Ed 101 (offensive word)
    by Gumby

    She was well into her fifties
    when daddy ran her down
    on the road to enlightenment.
    Eighteen wheels of ignorance
    never leaves pretty road kill.

    There had been signs along the way
    of course, but they were hidden
    by the forest of family trees.

    Sounds of daddy raging at the Telly
    as Dr. King marched into history
    blended with the aroma
    of mama's fried chicken in the kitchen.

    Every Sunday, the straight and narrow
    road to heaven, singing

    Jesus loves the little children
    all the children of the world...

    in the little white church—
    inside and out.

    Of course you're welcome
    at the family reunion
    it's been sixty years for the folks now
    but, about your grandson, sis...”

    No niggers in the family photos
    even if they are blood.

    Daddy always taught us—
    when you're driving
    you don't swerve
    for a rabbit in the road.

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    July 2015 - "Gratitude" Challenge winner.

    Small Things by Darkkin

    In a world that just keeps screaming, fighting in battles and debate--
    There is a place of refuge, a place away from all the rage and hate.
    It is a quiet place, still, shaded, quite forgotten and small—
    A place where things, those little things matter, count for all.
    There is no map to point the way, no app to get there quick.
    It is known by those who have been broken, lost, sick—

    Found between one breath and the next, when something shifts,
    be it a gaze, a burden—but something in the perception drifts—
    Revealing this place hidden within the folds of the raging world.
    Little things--a warm hand around which thin, cold fingers are curled,
    the flight of a milkweed seed, the simple ability to see, to read—
    Foolish many call it, but they cannot comprehend the simple need.

    --Why does it matter?

    Because it is such a small thing, this place called contentment—
    Known to those whose faith in the small things is true.
    --The key is sometimes as easy as a basic, thank you.

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    August 2015 - "The Tide(s)" Challenge Winner

    Tidal Tales by ​Terry D

    I watch giants dancing in the sky,
    a tip, a twirl, a soft caress, at first too close then swept away,
    to pirouette within the dark, then slowly rush to kiss again.

    Flowing robes trail behind, tidal bridges tracing steps
    like platinum memories of cosmic grace.
    The briefest touch, gives birth to stars,
    natal light so very old;
    gas enfired,
    gleaming orbs.

    The dance continues far from here.
    I see the Titans with my voyeur’s eye, pressed to glass,
    piercing sky, watching courtships as old as time.
    Nothing moves, nothing stays, God plays god in minor ‘c’,
    but it’s Newton’s apple that drops the tune
    while I watch giants dancing in the sky.

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    September 2015 - "Contradictions" Challenge Winner

    Thirty Years On by Boofy
    Conscious of the truth,
    whilst lying through our teeth.
    Two clashing opinions,
    both of them believed.

    And it’s called doublethink
    when we tell ourselves
    that something should be sold
    and that same thing should be shelved.

    I’m very outspoken
    and I can’t stand clichés.
    I admire my son’s faith
    and hate it when he prays.

    Average Joe for parliament!
    He’ll speak out for the masses…
    He’d have to go to Eton first
    and take some middle classes.

    It’s a fact, The War on Drugs
    is sad but necessary,
    and that Alcohol Prohibition
    was futile in the twenties.

    The key to doublethink, a skill
    we daily utilise,
    is to train ourselves in Crimestop
    and stop using our eyes.

    And stop using our minds as well,
    For if we manage it,
    we can speak sweet ignorance,
    an unrestricted bliss.

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    October 2015 - "Lost and Found" Challenge Winner"

    Five-Fingered Faith by Gumby

    The act of letting go
    isn’t easy
    and fearless leaps of faith
    are often aided
    by a well placed finger stomp.

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    November 2015 - "Singularity" Challenge Winner

    I Am
    by jenthepen

    Unique, uncommon, unusual, in fact,
    Of a distinctly peculiar kind.

    There’s no need for space-time theories and such.
    Don’t try calling Einstein online.

    Just relax, connect and listen awhile,
    You are ​Singularity defined!


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