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    April 2014 - "Outer Space" Challenge Winner

    Cyber Space by Pandora

    Fingers lightly stream

    pouring warm and cold
    words across a black mat sky.

    No here or there,

    only time reflects
    the vacuum we've created.

    the shields are up,

    truth revolves
    yet in another lie.

    Empty eyes
    hold the soul
    that whispers tainted trust.

    Whispers from an empty heart,
    in blackness . . .

    no love's light.
    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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    May 2014- "Grow" Challenge Winner

    Growing Apart by toddm

    Journal entry of Richard Edwards on November 15th, 1963:

    Her smile was like a weak cup of coffee.
    I looked out the window.
    Leaves were fulfilling their autumn vows
    and fleeing away,
    far from scolding fingertips.
    The sun was falling asleep,
    to dream of moon and stars
    and blinking neon.
    The town was settled among the hills
    and railroad tracks of yesterday.
    Colors were fading from the photograph,
    having been left in the sun too long.
    She was saying something I cannot recall.
    I smiled.
    She looked out the window.
    Night had crept from the shadows
    and embraced the world.
    But blue neon bathed the parking lot.
    She asked if I was finished.
    I drank the last of my coffee
    and, hand in hand, we departed.
    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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    June 2014 "Opposites" Challenge Winners

    Opposites Attract by PiP

    I am your sunshine.
    You are my darkness
    A black cloud
    In a cloudless sky.

    I am your smile,
    Your laughter.
    You are my frown,
    Tears and unhappiness.

    A Dumb Cluck’s Point of View by Gumby

    Gallus gallus, your bright eyes
    love the things that I despise
    spiders with their bristled legs
    you eat, then lay my breakfast eggs.

    Fleshy worms, slimed with dirt
    for you are but a sweet dessert
    and hopper’s whirring through the air
    with wizened face and big-eyed stare
    (I swear they aim straight for my hair.)

    These creepy crawlies in the grass
    once through your pointed maw have passed
    become the most delightful things
    from fluffy cakes to sweet meringues.

    My little low and humble bird
    I've learned to venerate your turd
    when tossed upon the compost heap
    come the Spring I’m sure to reap
    most bountiful rewards.

    And all because what I despise
    is beautiful
    in your bright eyes.

    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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    July-2014 "The Storm" Challenge Winner

    drama queen by escorial

    my life
    my mind
    my teacup
    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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    August 2014 - "Compassion" Challenge winners

    Kindly click to view:

    Mom's New Bag by Gumby

    Kindly click to view:

    let alone by Fats Velvet
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    September 2014 - "5 Lines" Winners

    Abstract Beauty by Firemajic

    Blossoms from my garden,
    stolen by the summer storm,
    becoming nature's watercolor palette,
    painting a mural of abstract beauty
    on the canvass of my rain soaked lawn.

    Untitled by Terry D


    Lines hurt.

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    October 2014 - "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Challenge Winner

    Excerpts taken from Lillian's Journal by Firemajic

    I heard the panpipes playing
    as I lay shivering in my bed,
    my body trembled with dark desire
    and my soul was chilled with dread.

    My body burned with wanton heat
    as I lay in the cold moonlight,
    bewitched by the lust I felt
    on this wild enchanted night.

    I fell into a restless sleep,
    had dreams of strange desires,
    of cloven hooves and polished horns
    and caresses like molten fire.

    I dreamed I ran through a twilight mist,
    down to a secret glen
    and hid behind a twisted tree
    to catch a glimpse of him.

    His skin was alabaster white,
    horns polished sliver bone,
    hooves gold and cloven,
    face like the gods of ancient Rome.

    I dreamed that from the forest edge
    there appeared a druid maid,
    and she danced in the moonlight
    to the panpipes that he played.

    She let her garments slowly fall
    revealing all her charms
    and ran across the secret glade
    and wrapped him in her arms.

    He then picked her flowers
    and twined them in her hair.
    then swept her up in his arms
    and carried her to his lair.

    Amber lightening split the sky
    and opened up a monstrous pit,
    Cerberus from the abyss came forth
    as the flames of hell were lit.

    In the morning when I awoke
    I found crushed flowers in my hair
    and the aria that the panpipes played
    drifted in the sultry air.

    With the waning of the solstice moon
    my belly began to swell,
    protecting the seed that was spawned
    when the beast escaped from hell.

    666 was the demon's mark
    on my unholy newborn son,
    woe to all who survives this night--
    something wicked this way comes...

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    November 2014 - "Lost" Challenge Winner

    The Rape of Innocence by Firemajic

    Like a book you opened me
    read every line and word,
    with a red pen you rewrote me.
    Afraid of your touch, I ran
    and you chased me
    across unknown galaxies
    where stars are not stars--
    but tears yet uncried.
    And there, in a solar vortex
    you captured me.

    You led me to obsidian mountains
    where we played in crystal snow
    made of unbearable pain and despair.
    You laughed as you gathered shimmering dust
    in your silver needle and plunged it into
    my innocent veins I whispered "do it again".

    I followed you to magenta canyons
    where we explored sacred burial grounds,
    and there we caressed each other
    with the fire of our desires,
    and slept for long years
    in the red dust of our destructive passion.
    I lay naked, breathless in your arms
    moaning "do it again, do it again".

    You ran and I followed you
    to an enchanted forest,
    and you hid in crushed velvet ferns--
    and watched me.
    A wounded animal seeking a repreive
    from the labyrinth of pain.
    the stars were just stars,weeping bitter
    silver tears that left tracks on my arms,
    and the taste was wine on my parched lips.
    Alien creatures screamed in terror
    at the sound of my grief as I call to you
    "do it again", do it again".

    It was there, In the deep woods dark
    where you came to me,
    and timidly I offered you my book.
    In bold red strokes you signed your name
    and wrote "The End".
    You devoured it, every line and word,
    until nothing was left.
    And as I lay dying,I wept
    "do it again, do it again, do it again.

    Congrats from all of us, Jul, for being the very first entrant in the history of the Challenge to amass three consecutive wins!!!!

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    December 2014 - "Gift" Challenge Winners

    Playing Catch by John Oberon

    You were nine
    When I threw your first high fly.
    I threw it as best I could.
    I lost it in the sun,
    But you didn’t.

    And somehow, by the time it came down,
    You became a man, and caught it.
    You stood near your wife and kids
    As you threw it to me.

    And all my love burst inside me
    As the ball smacked firmly in my glove...
    All my love that was thrown to a boy,
    Caught by a man,
    And thrown back to me.

    Kindly click to view:

    Resurrecting the Bone
    by Gumby

    The One That Will Always Top Them All
    by Chester's Daughter

    If never
    these weathered pads
    get to tear through
    gaily patterned paper
    it's fine by me.

    Department store fodder
    meant for materialistic cattle
    is nothing more than feed,
    and we all know what remains
    once it's digested.

    Abodes, autos, boats,
    and stacks of greenbacks
    have zero value
    to this savvy heart,
    which took its licks to learn
    when and when not
    to yearn.

    I am the grateful recipient
    of the greatest gift of all,
    a living, breathing son,
    stashed somewhere safe
    and gaining weight
    while learning how
    not to self-hate.

    His stalwart efforts
    to relocate his soul
    repeatedly thwarted
    by He
    who designates the dole.

    No man-made bauble
    can outshine grace,
    and every time I cup
    his vibrant face
    to gaze into eyes
    no longer plagued
    by a desire to die

    the universe is mine

    and his.

    Let those in need
    have their presents
    of useless fluff

    for against all odds
    we still have each other
    and on our plane
    stripped of worldly trappings
    with or sans wrapping,
    where the insistence to breathe
    is the most exigent deed

    being half of our duo
    is much more than enough.

    I love you, Matt,
    keep buffing that rough
    and continue to gift me
    with every moment
    of your earthly presence.

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    January 2015 - "Remembering the Old; Embracing the New" Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    Remembering The Old
    by PiP


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