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    December 2020 - “So Say the Stars” Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    nocturne by petergrimes

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    January 2021 - “Black Magic” Challenge Winner

    Kindly click to view:

    Black Cat Bone Woman
    by Gumby

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    February 2021 - “Good Bones” Challenge Winner

    Good Bones by Foxee

    She's got good bones
    weathered battle damage
    humility a tattered flag
    wrapping her shoulders
    dusting her feet

    Heart shot away
    a yellow canary cries
    from her rib cage

    Scarred by flame
    expectations seared
    bright embers remain
    she meets your eyes

    She can touch without crushing
    Speak without screaming
    Give without gaining

    She can take the weight
    She's got good bones

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    March 2021 - “Dusty Little Curiosities” Challenge Winner

    The Collector by jenthepen

    Old dusty curiosities,
    miscellaneous discoveries,
    a jumble of absurdities,
    frivolities and vanities,
    collected opportunities
    to showcase multiplicities.

    Small idiosyncrasies,
    impractical obscurities,
    mix of peculiarities,
    some with similarities,
    also a few anomalies
    enhancing authenticities.

    All sorts of possibilities,
    with different personalities;
    bottles from old distilleries,
    some pictures of celebrities,
    pennies that are rarities
    and cards from anniversaries.

    Monstrosities and forgeries,
    Gran’s teeth and other lunacies,
    she’s making no apologies
    for glaring incongruities;
    exposing eccentricities
    and maybe insecurities.

    Caddies, machetes, china bees,
    irrational irrelevancies,
    no concept of sufficiencies
    but led by availabilities,
    she indulges her propensities
    for collecting generalities.

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