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    Guide to Staff Ranks

    For new members of any site, it can be a daunting experience when you don't know the customs of the forum you've just joined. Most places encourage members to contact the staff if they have queries, but when you have six hundred staff members and fifteen different ranks to choose from, where the heck do you even start? Sure, you could pull out a set of die and select one staff member completely at random, but how often does that work? Or maybe you'll hover over the list of names, close your eyes, and click your mouse on the one that feels right. Or maybe you'll fire off a PM to one and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) every other one into the conversation just to be sure. Don't do that, by the way. But if you had a handy reference guide for which member of staff to contact in a specific situation, well, that would be the best thing since sliced bread! It's a pity we don't have one of those. Oh, wait . . .


    Administrators: Those big-shots with their blue robes! Who do they think they are? Well, it just so happens that they think they're the ones who make everything run. They aren't really, but we'll let them have their delusions. They always harp on about being responsible for making changes to policy this and policy that, but in reality they sit around all day wondering if they should change the wallpaper. Oh, and they do make those policy changes, and deal with internal staff morale, and respond to outside agencies, and make sure the site's running smoothly, and oversee the entire forum – but only now and again! So when should you approach them? Well, you need one goat's head, a pentagram, a chalice, and a summoning ritual to even make contact with them. But I hear they're the guys you want to speak to about technical forum issues, accessibility, and general forum problems. In fact, if you are unsure who to contact to begin with, Administrators are a pretty good place to bring any query to – if you can procure one goat's head, that is.

    Supervisors: Did you know that the second-in-command of any institution/organisation is the one who truly runs the show? No? Neither did I. But, for the purposes of moving this thing along, let's say I did – that would make Supervisors responsible for the day-to-day running of the bridge (if we were on a ship) and the oversight of all the members (if we were in an alternate dimension). As a member of the Admin team, it would also make them your first stop for any site-related queries, much like Administrators and more so when the latter is off-line. Also, if no Globals are on-line Supervisors can also be approached for moderation tasks – when they aren't busy picking the wallpaper colour.

    Chief Mentors: Too many chiefs and not enough . . . chiefs. (Stop applauding every joke or we'll be here all night). As the final member of the Admin team, Chief Mentors are really friendly. They have to be; it says so in their job description. Like all mentors, they are the welcoming face of the site. But unlike all mentors, they oversee the colour of the wallpaper – I mean, they oversee the entire mentor program and sit on the Board in representation of all those in purple. Any mentor can be approached for advice on how to navigate the site and get the best out of it, but mentors don't have super-duper mod powers and can only guide you with their extensive knowledge of the forum.

    Chief Media Managers: This plum job was created to coordinate the forum's social image and public message, and to make sure the curtains don't clash with the cushions. Having obtained the required PhD (Spin), the Chief Media Managers are responsible for driving WF's media strategy and planning the media team efforts so our Media & Content Managers can make it happen!


    Global Moderators: You know the theme to Cops? That's what Global Moderators sing as they peruse the boards. It can be hard to get a word in edgeways when they get to the chorus, but if you can somehow manage to break through the wail, the forum's senior moderators can be approached for all matters of moderation (moving and editing threads, changing titles, etcetera). They often cackle evilly as they profess to having the keys to the site. We've never told them that their access doesn't extend to Potty's footlocker, but then again they wouldn't want in there.

    Forum Moderators: Nobody stands out quite like Forum Moderators, whose luminous green robes are actually an inside joke designed by the Admin team to draw away all attention so they can concentrate on choosing the wallpaper. The joke is on them, however, as Forum Moderators can only moderate their own designated boards, ensuring that the blue meanies will have to step in somewhere along the way. If you see a green staff member who appears to be stuck under the bottom of a forum, fear not. S/he is just lost – I mean, moderating that board. You can approach him/her for any moderation required there.


    Senior Mentors:
    Did you know that the second-in-command . . . oh, wait, I've done my second-in-command joke. I'll have to fire my speechwriter. Like the Chief Mentor, Senior Mentor is responsible for the continued success of the mentor program. They liaise with each other to determine the best colour for the wallpaper – I mean, the best approach to ensuring that mentors are content in their role and have what they need to do their jobs and make the site accessible to everyone. Once again, like all mentors they can be contacted for some friendly advice and help navigating the site.

    Advanced Mentor: These are Mentors who've taken advanced jujitsu classes. No, that's not right. I'm definitely firing that speechwriter. Every forum has someone who excels in specialist topics. The Advanced Mentors are something similar; they have demonstrated sound knowledge in fields such as Young Writers, English as Second Language, and other areas that require more than standard mentoring. Below their avatar, you'll find their specialist topic. While you can contact them about these, they are also very willing to help with any site problems and can point you in the right direction if you're not sure who to contact.

    Mentors: When you initially join, one of the first people to welcome you to the site (and include some helpful information) will invariably be a Mentor. Don't be fooled, however. They're highly skilled in Krave Meat. Wait, what? Oh, Krav Maga? Gotcha. Damn that scriptwriter! They are the friendly, welcoming face of WF and will never sing the theme song to Cops. On pain of meat . . . sorry, death. *Mumbles incoherently* "Stupid scriptwriter!" They are all too happy to guide you through the initial steps of what's required to make the change from new member to registered member, and keep you right as you seek to take your work and posts onto the main forum.

    Now, who mentioned sliced bread? I'm hungry.


    Media Managers: These spin doctors do the day-to-day management of the media team platforms and projects such as the newsletter, podcasts, and featured guest interviews. Their task is to try and make you famous, or at least seen by more people within and beyond these green halls and decks.

    Content Managers: You may find them prowling the creative boards, Writing Discussions or Publishing, or digging through member blogs, posts in the Lounge and the Literary Emporium. They are searching for news, tasty snippets of member talent, and/or gems of wit or wisdom for WiFs, podcasts or for the Media Managers to add to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flashes of Brilliance and any other social media outlet they think will get your name and your work seen where it counts.

    [26/8/2017 updated by PiP to include the Media Team and Flashes of Brilliance]
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    I have updated the Titles and Colours - A Who's What page. It's a bit different now to the OP here, not least because it includes the non-staff ranks.
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