Previous Questions:

1. Are you religious? If religion is described as getting out of bed when you know nothing is going to change today but doing it anyway as a testament of faith it will be better. I am.
2. Are you in love with anyone? I love all but everyone is beneath me.
3. Are there any goals you and your enemy share? To care to know whether an enemy had shared goals with me would turn the enemy into a friend, surely?
4. What makes you afraid? A blinking cursor. Has the work been autosaved or do I go through this pain again.
5. Is there anything more important than beating your enemy? Beating myself. The ultimate pleasure.

New Questions
1. why bother with laundry?
2.Hot showers or cold baths?
3. Would you remove a trapped insect from the a spider's web?
4. What is your weirdest body part ?
5. Toilet door; open or close?