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    Lightbulb "Natura Grande"

    Despite the promising name, these are merely my phone photographs that I would like to share with you. I am sorry for those who think the usage of filters and the like is absolute blasphemy, I also agree to some extent but I would still like to share these pictures. Most of them were take either in Bulgaria or in Belgium. I would be happy to hear a few opinions :) (Please, if your comment is about how using filters suck, just keep the flaming to a minimum.)

    This is a pretty sunset I tried to capture as well as I could. (Yes, I used a filter. My apologies) Italia,Venice.

    A river by my school in Brussels, Belgium.

    Brussels as well, some random street.

    Brussels again :) (I am trying to figure out how to resize the pictures but I can't seem to find a way to do it.)

    A sunset on a lake - Sofia, Bulgaria

    That's pretty much all the ones I like. Tell me what you think~

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    I'm not sure why anyone would consider the use of a filter blasphemy. Photography is art.
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    I particularly like the 2nd and the 4th. The first is a bit too dark--to the point of lost detail--for my taste. Nice shots!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ Preston View Post
    I'm not sure why anyone would consider the use of a filter blasphemy. Photography is art.
    You would be surprised by the amount of flame I get when I share this with some amateurs of photography

    And thank you Terry for the feedback =) I think I have a lighter one of the first picture but it's on my old phone and I can upload it only when I go back to Belgium which is unfortunately in a few weeks =(

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    The compositions are all wonderful. You have a really great eye.

    I agree that the first one is too dark.

    Get yourself a camera! Those seem like the sort of shots poster manufacturers buy!
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    Thank you. I do have a camera, though I would like to buy myself a new one. I use the one my father has though, and it's a quite great one, even though I don't have the right lenses for what I want to do. I would gladly upload the other pictures when I get my hands on them. They are either on my PC at home (I am currently in Bulgaria for the summer vacation) or on my external HDD which is also at home If I happen to make any good pictures during this summer (and I probably will, just not right now) I will upload them here!
    Thank you ~


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