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Thread: "Dark Fiction", Fringe, and Eerie Short Stories..

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    Question "Dark Fiction", Fringe, and Eerie Short Stories..

    Hello everyone. I am brand new here, and wanted to gain some prospective on this subject. What is your opinion, or what would draw you, rather, to Errie short stories? Examples would probably include "The Yellow Wallpaper", and "The damned thing!".. all in Short Story fashion. These are not gore-filled at all, but more of the striking you at your core, makes you "think" kind of deal.

    The reason I ask, is because I have dreams.. very messed up dreams; dreams which I have put down on paper, and have been accepted as front page statuses on the Horror Hub. People love it, and I do too. I just want to know what other people are drawn by, so if I have a streak of dreams I cannot remember, I can fabricate one to fit an audiences' liking.

    Edit: I wanted to add, that alot of my work is centered around semi-demonic & dark setting, although not always.
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    A thread with nothing in it? Now that's scary.

    Edit: I swear there was a thread here before. Now it says I started it. <cue Twilight Zone theme>
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    I wonder if it'll say that I started it if I post...? Oddball (new member) started it originally, I think.
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    Yes, I received a PM stating the link had been removed, but I think the whole thread might have been erased xD. That's alright.. After I reach my ten posts I can try it again (Also, Gargh, I do think that you would show up as the thread creator).

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    On the subject of dark fiction, I'm always on the lookout for horror experiences that focus more on the atmosphere than the shock value. There's lots out there but it's difficult to find because it always gets buried under the superfluous vampire fluff. To rectify this I started writing my own — a novel that centers around the atmospheric effects and sense of isolation rather than the "RAARGH IMMA MONSTA RAR" and limbs flying in every which direction. Excessive gore isn't scary because it cheapens death. There's no legitimate sense of danger because life appears so easy to destroy.

    Watching a character cling to the edge of a cliff is much more exciting than watching ten-or-fifteen characters thrown off the same cliff by trebuchet. Well, exciting in a different way at least. Schadenfreude isn't really a desirable trait for a serious book.

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