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    Hall of Fame

    The Judging Hall of Fame
    Name Times Judged
    Hawke 29
    Leyline 15
    Like a Fox 13
    Bazz Cargo 12
    Fin 11
    Pluralized 11
    Chris Miller 10
    Silverwriter 10
    Tiamat 10
    eggo 9
    Moderan 9

    The Winner's Hall of Fame
    Name Times Won
    eggo 7
    Chris Miller 5
    Terry D 5

    Note: This is updated every competition if necessary.
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    Date Prompt Winner Story
    103. October 2015 Eyes In The Dark J Anfinson Eyes
    102. September 2015 Recycled Parts astroannie and InstituteMan Ransom's Secret Revealed and Parts To Number, Parts To Name
    101. August 2015 I Think I Remember How To Do This Allysan and ppsage Memories Lost and Found and Ava
    100. July 2015 Shadows Foxee Wanted: A Friend for Remembering
    99. June 2015 The Burden of Guilt rcallaci and joshybo 12 O'Clock Midnight and What Was Left Unsaid
    98. May 2015 You Don't See Me KnightPlutonian I See You
    97. April 2015 Bad Decisions joshybo Broken
    96. March 2015 Re-imagined Fairy Tale M Cull Allerednic
    95. February 2015 Picture Prompt Shinyford Six Cubits
    94. January 2015 Yearly Challenge Terry D Quid Pro Quo
    93. December 2014 Glass Eye Terry D Exhibit #1: From a Cell Phone Recording Found at the Scene
    92. November 2014 Saturday Night in the City of the Dead Guy Faukes Orphans
    91. October 2014 Paper Children InkwellMachine She Gave Me No Tears
    90. September 2014 Alien Mating Rituals shinyford Spede, Dating.
    89. August 2014 Don't Look Back garza Don't Look Back.
    88. July 2014 Stranger at the Door Kyle R Underneath it All.
    87. June 2014 Choose a Song garza McRae County Man Charged with Arson
    86. May 2014 The Conversation Bishop The Conversation
    85. April 2014 A Children's Story Shinyford The Nuffin Puffin
    84. March 2014 Unexpectedly Nude TheYellowMustang Senseless
    83. February 2014 Ten Minutes thepancreas11 The Last Human
    82. January 2014 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Terry D The Cost
    81. December 2013 A Light in the Attic InkwellMachine The Process
    80. November 2013 The Space In Between Staff Deployment The Day I Became a Ghost
    79. October 2013 When The Clock Stops Folcro KAYLIE, FROM THE STARS
    78. September 2013 Don’t Turn Out The Lights J Anfinson Reconcile
    77. August 2013 The Date From Hell InkwellMachine Wedding Invitation
    76. July 2013 Verschlimmbesserung Jamie Point, Click, Refresh
    75. June 2013 The Last Good Day Dictarium The Marvelous Monday of Marcus Shunt
    74. May 2013 Killing Things Best When Selling Nothing lasm a thousand cuts
    73. April 2013 Bubbles Jon M N/A
    72. March 2013 Picture Prompt lasm Patient
    71. February 2013 Contradictions Leyline Pretty Girls in Nice Cars
    70. January 2013 Waiting For The Sun moderan Waiting For The Sun
    69. December 2012 The Warning lasm The Warning
    68. November 2012 Another Corporate Takeover Leyline Gifted & Talented
    67. October 2012 Out at Sea InsanityStrickenWriter An Old Man's Shack
    66. September 2012 Sex Tape Chris Miller Panorama
    65. August 2012 Funny Things Happen When the Sky is Burning KyleColorado Grey Tail, Orange Sky
    64. July 2012 Shoes Hanging on a Wire garza Venus in Transit
    63. June 2012 Picture Prompt Terry D and Taknovrthewrld Strings and Dead Marionette
    62. May 2012 Oh! What a Lovely Apocalypse KyleColorado Eat On, Hungry Giant
    61. April 2012 For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn Terry D The Price
    60. March 2012 The Abyss candid petunia Untitled
    59. January 2012 At Last Some Life InsanityStrickenWriter In Dark Spaces
    58. December 2011 December Rusty Nail Her Last December
    57. November 2011 Fall In Like a Fox You Last Autumn
    56. October 2011 It Happened in a Moment InsanityStrickenWriter The Moment of Everything
    55. August 2011 Food, Glorious Food! Anna Buttons Sweet and Sour
    54. July 2011 Historical Fiction Anna Buttons Hebony
    53. June 2011 Let’s Talk About Flying Anna Buttons Not Who You Think It Is
    52. May 2011 The Caretaker Like a Fox No More Baked Potatoes
    51. April/May 2011 Superhero’s Night Off InsanityStrickenWriter Deadly Butter
    50. March 2011 Six Pictures Found on a Camera on the Side of the Road Spider8 Six Steps to Heaven
    49. February 2011 The Six Elements Leyline Little Miss Candyflip
    48. January 2011 Song into Story Katastrof Just Words
    47. November 2010 Reply to a Love Letter Kat A Hard Lesson
    46. October 2010 Picture Prompt spider8 Intuition
    45. September 2010 Discovering a Portal to. . . Edropus Untitled
    44. August 2010 A Blind Date with the Devil Leyline ...there is some shit I will not eat
    43. July 2010 Four Words caelum A New Acquaintance
    42. June 2010 New Monsters and Double Blind alanmt and NathanBrazil Satyricon and A Plastic Bag
    41. May 2010 Justice is Blind Like a Fox Sahara Glow
    40. April 2010 Last Bus to. . . moderan N/A
    39. February/March 2010 Dream seigfried007 N/A
    38. January 2010 Gone eggo N/A
    37. September/October 2009 Dec. 21 2012 The Backward OX and Crazed Scribe N/A and N/A
    36. August 2009 Second Person POV cyberspecter N/A
    35. July 2009 The Dead Don’t die eggo N/A
    34. June 2009 Rewrite a Fairy Tale seigfried007 N/A
    33. April/May 2009 We’d Like to Know a Little About you for our Flies adrianhayter Death and Privacy
    32. March 2009 Put The Hammer Down adrianhayter Coitus Interruptis at a Hundred and Five
    31. February 2009 Follow Your Heart eggo N/A
    30. January 2009 The Author JosephB The Flumax
    29. November/December 2008 Seven Sins seigfried007 N/A
    28. October 2008 Scare Me Non Serviam No Matter What
    27. September 2008 Your Life Without “Life” Tiamat N/A
    26. August 2008 Cover Letter Geisha N/A
    25. July 2008 Spntaneous Combustion eggo N/A
    24. May 2008 Sacrifice Chris Miller Fun With Dick and Jane
    23. April 2008 The Apocalypse Loulou and eggo N/A and N/A
    22. March 2008 Delivery! IrishLad End of Parade
    21. November 2007 Advice Column Loulou Untitled
    20. October 2007 Break Up Song smilinghelps Get Out of my Box
    19. August 2007 Fly on the Wall smilinghelps Dirty Laundry
    18. July 2007 My Life as a Dead body Jiieden How Demons Are Made
    17. May 2007 Myth eggo N/A
    16. March/April 2007 Wild Life Foxee N/A
    15. February 2007 Political Speech cyberspecter NO MORE!
    14. December 2006 Snow Hodge Snow: History Of
    13. November 2006 Your Version of Hell Wyndstar Getting it Done
    12. September/October 2006 Five Hundred Years From Now Foxee and Jiieden N/A and Sanctuary
    11. August 2006 Iron Chef Chris Miller and eggo The Reception and Monster Mashed
    10. July 2006 Extreme Makeover: Poem Edition Gigi Midnight Thoughts While Attending The Carnival
    9. June 2006 Deadlines Savia and Kelhanion A Race of Hands and Could I Have An Eternal Feast For One, Please?
    8. May 2006 Mythology Chris Miller N/A
    7. April 2006 Revenge Hodge and aprilrain He Doth Protest Too Much and Dog Days
    6. February 2006 Worst Valentines Day Ever Chris Miller Joanne’s Artistic Floral Arrangements and Gifts
    5. November 2005 Goosebumps N/A N/A
    4. August 2005 Bedroom Description strangedaze My Room as a Love Story
    3. July 2005 Travel Sonnet Achilles Time Traveler
    2. June 2005 Moralistic Fable LoneWolf The Squirrel's Folly
    1. May 2005 Hungover Haiku Ilan Bouchard Untitled
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    Date Prompt Winner Story
    November 2015 Dream Thief ppsage Dream Thief
    December 2015 First One To Die HarperCole The Road to Heaven is paved with bad intentions
    January 2016 Choose a Song joshybo The Oracle
    February 2016 Grand Fiction Challenge InkwellMachine Like Snuffing Out a Candle
    March 2016 Reason 343 Kyle R. Sparrow June Falls in Love
    April 2016 The Sun And The Dragon Terry D The Scent Of Ginger
    May 2016 It Grows On You rcallaci Anywhere, But Here
    June 2016 Picture Prompt Sleepwriter Satisfaction Guaranteed
    July 2016 The Gambler rcallaci Secrets of the Bayou
    August 2016 Out of Time Sleepwriter Speed
    Out of Time danielstj Last Dance
    September 2016 Wrong House Candervalle Homeward Bound
    October 2016 Here there be Monsters Kyle R The Beast
    November 2016 Well this is Awkward Terry D Rescue
    December 2016 Santa's Confession TKent I didn't Say Anything
    January 2017 When a Good Man Falls godofwine The Preacher's Wife
    Terry D The Catcher In The Sky
    February 2017 Grand Fiction Joshybo Looking Back
    March 2017 Choose a Song Candervalle The Confession of Sam Hall
    April 2017 Pouch Cream Ptolemy Hip Lingo
    May 2017 Everything Must Go Phil Istine Closing Down Sale
    June 2017 Drone Terry D Inside 7c
    July 2017 The Follower bdcharles Nightfairies
    August 2017 Because I'm Insane SueC Because I'm Insane
    September 2017 Gorilla Threesome Rubisco Monkey see Monkey do
    October 2017 Picture Prompt Godofwine The Chase
    November 2017 I could see them coming Roac Superheroes
    December 2017 He's Way Too Young For Me Pluralized The Boys
    January 2018 Never Bend Over -xXx- re: writ root
    February 2018 Annual LM Challenge Jenthepen Double
    bdcharles Steel Machine
    SueC Comfort
    Smith Second Life
    godofwine The Gatekeeper
    March 2018 Locked Inside -xXx- Neugen Prime
    April 2018 The Floor Above SueC Upstairs
    May 2018 Upset the Apple Cart plasticweld The Same Task, Different Mission
    June 2018 Gas Station Prophet DeClarke The Seventh
    July 2018 Dead Boys Don't Cry godofwine Suspicious Activity
    August 2018 Last Day on Earth Velo Exodus
    Jonthom 6th August 2318 AD/350 AA
    September 2018 The Funeral Ibb Dead Man Talking
    October 2018 Cloudriders Ibb I Slapped William Faulkner and I Liked It
    November 2018 Unreliable Narrator Emma Sohan Carpe Diem
    December 2018 Moon Landing Arachne One Giant Leap for Barbara
    January 2019 Things You See In The Smoke Periander The Foundling
    February 2019 Footprints in the Snow Arachne A Matter of Substance
    February 2019 Grand prize challenge
    March 2019 Warden, I want My Own Cell Luckyscars Dignity
    April 2019 The Butterfly Effect Epimetheus Upon Wings Of Passion
    May 2019 At Sea Fatclub At Sea
    June 2019 We Found Him In The Park Undead_AV The Orphans
    July 2019 Final Girl Epimetheus High, all the time
    August 2019 Dead and Dreaming Tim Dark and Dreaming
    September 2019 Choose a Prompt Tim The Worst Betrayal


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