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    The LM Judging Guide

    Judging is a necessary part of the LM. To become one, you need simply to volunteer in the LM Coffee Shop thread. Anyone
    may do it regardless of the amount of time they've been apart of the community.

    Scoring is based on a scale of 1 - 20. A basic outline here will be provided but the individual judge may get creative with it.

    There are three categories the score is based on.

    Spelling and Grammar(SPaG): Based on a scale from 1 - 5

    1/5 - Unformatted and difficult to read

    2/5 - Illegible, unreadable writing.

    3/5 - Consistent spelling and/or grammatical errors.

    4/5 - Mostly correct with minor errors.

    5/5 - Grammatically flawless writing

    Tone and Voice: Based on a scale of 1 - 5

    1/5 - No discernable style.

    2/5 - Generic, uninteresting tone.

    3/5 - Effective yet inconsistent vocabulary and phrasing.

    4/5 - Strong, interesting use of a particular tone.

    5/5 - Perfectly fitting or unique style and technique.

    Effect: Based on a scale of 1 - 10

    These points are up to you to decide. How did the story touch you? Be sure to consider the theme connection. You will need
    to provide a brief review of the story as well. See previous score threads for examples of this.

    Understand this competition is about fun, so have a good time with it.

    The standard judge template:

    [B]Author, [i] Title [/i]

    {your review}

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