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#14 Perfection Not Attained (1 Viewer)

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Wild hair, wild patch, planting beds calling
Adirondack chairs offering, seats to observe.
Houndstooth violets, ginger, red bud, fern,
understory narrative, suburban sanctuary.

Perfection not attained, blooms limb to ground,
round lines, mulch beds, flowing, sweeping.
Scraggly, knot riddled old maple tree, dying.
Claimed as her namesake, Keely protected.

Branch shedding, bark peeling, leaf barren, death.
Expendable eyesore to some, saw bearing all,
beautiful, to grub loving, beak tooled friends,
names of hairy, downy, pileated, red breasted or winged.

Discussions over coffee, varieties, colors, size.
Predatory winds fly, calling Keely’s woodpecker tree.
Mourn, we do, chainsaws easily ate their way through.
Our woods scape, suddenly tidy. One hole replaces many.
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I’ve always seen trees as feminine. Some are rhythmic
swayers with the wind, others strike a feminine pose
outreached arms curve at the hips. While other are like
old grandmas, gnarled with deep grooves on their
skin and look like they may have shrunk a bit...
It saddens me when a tree dies but it brings joy
knowing they were able to live out their life well.
....and your old girl brought joy to all around her.
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