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    Great find! I will check this out, but what is the advantage of using this over say google docs or some other word processing software? I have been using google documents for three plays now and I find it does the job. Is it just easier to format?

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    I've used Celtx for about 4 years now, and I've gotta say that for being free, it's freaking awesome. I think they recently-ish added a paid or subscription option (I dunno, I haven't used it in a while) that I'm sure is only better.
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    I use Final Draft 9 and in my opinion its the best software around for script writing. if price isn't an issue, I would suggest that for professional grade work. There may be a trial as well with it I'm not 100% on that however.

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    Celtx is the best. Used to use Scriptwriter, but it's ancient compared to Celtx.

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    I have had a half dozen copies of Final Draft (they give you one every time you place in a contest) but far prefer to just use templates for Word. The platform I'm familiar with. Everything's all pdf anymore, anyway. There are lots of them, ranging from free to a hundred bucks. Final Draft creeps me out.

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    CeltX is a rebel X-wing to the Death Star that is Final Draft.

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    I gave up on ywriter- mainly because I could not find a user-manual to help me understand how the program works. Sure, the tutorial videos are good but I learn best with textbooks in hand. Do any of the other software mention have a manual available?
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    Definitely a great find! I can't believe this post was posted in 2013 and I'm just hearing about Celtx! What's wrong with me? I'm checking it out now. Thank you
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    Celtex is okay, but a bit too cumbersome for me. I use Writer. Ridiculously easy. You basically write into a blank word doc and it formats for you.

    It uses Fountain coding which does everything for you. There are several apps which use Fountain– some free, some not. (I think Writer is free.)

    Then you can export to any format– PDF, Final Draft, whatever.

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