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    Was wondering for Celtx, is it possible to copy and paste my script to the outline software program and let the program put the script where it needs to be or do I input everything long hand?

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    I wrote my last screenplay using Word and just set up the first couple of pages of format then used "match properties" to do formatting on the rest of the play. I should probably set up templates, but I'm too lazy and end up taking twice as much time or more doing it the way I did.
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    That is how I'm writing all of my works, on Word. I wrote 1 comedy play for fun and started working on a WWII Christian Drama Series on 9/12/2009. My friend and I are on episode 3 script. We stopped for awhile due to working on a card game which is also a large project.

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    Yeah, I don't have word. I have OpenOffice and setting up a script template was easy. You just make special condition for the style and formats (in OO Writer, press F11), and save it without text. You could put a title page with replacement fields, but I didn't want to go that far.

    Stormy, I know you can import various formats and I think RTF is one of them, so if you save your Word script as RTF, you should be able to import it into Celtx, but you may need to go line by line to set up the element type.

    Lastly, you need to use a Courier font. I read some some guy saying you can use any font, but that's not true, at least not until your respected and established. Courier's spacing allows them to get a good idea of how long a scene or page takes up in screen time. As I posted above, I downloaded Courier Prime and I'm liking it. It's a very clean, monospaced TT font, though it's boring like any courier font.

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    Would you guys rate Celtx as your favourite free software?

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    I'm in film school now. For what it's worth, our professors recomend Movie Magic Screenwriter if you can afford it and Adobe Story if you want something free. The screenwriting teachers I've had there have been surprisingly opposed to Celtx. I switched to Adobe Story (from Celtx) to keep them happy, but honestly I'd say they're close in terms of quality. It just comes down to personal preference.

    Adobe Story is cloud based, which means you can work from anywhere and are less likely to lose files, but you need an internet connection. Also, because it's newer, they still have some kinks to work out. For instance, the spell checks not that good yet.
    Celtx stores files on your computer (though the last version I had still needed an internet connection to export to a PDF). The spell checks better. But there's some tools, apparently, that it lacks. Also, some older professors seem uncomfortable with it since it's free and not from a well known company like Adobe. They take that to mean it comes with viruses, but I've never heard of that actually happening.
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    As one who is considering writing a play my question is, how do I approach it, particularly when using this sort of software?

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    any opinions on ywrite - another free novel manuscript program
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    I use MS Word with a few preset tabs. Works fine.
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    Celtx is a great tool for writing comics, novels, screenplays, etc. Very easy and versatile, and goes well with planning on Evernote.
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