You mean a manual to help newbies navigate something confusing (like this site) where there isn't an overview or idea of what the hell is where and what good is it when its found ....

Great idea, great service, and if packaged correctly it could be a "standard" in the industry. If you think it does not cover enough material for a text book, I suggest you consider, or perhaps reconsider the soft skills and multiple skill sets of our profession. Being a writer used to mean, write and submit (get rejected many times then accepted) then write the next book and submit. Today it is, write, review, hire editors, format or hire formatting, upload/publish, develop your Amazon author page, develop your Facebook page and website etc, etc, etc, Oh yeah, the soft skills about how to write when marketing etc. Huge!

It is the same in construction where you have the knowledge of all of those tangent skills and soft skills. In the construction business, like most other businesses there are a few who make it very big, quite a few who do comfortably well, and the masses who go through school learn how to contract and barely hang on or wind up working for the other guy who understands all of the soft skills and other non-construction skills. Honestly, the technical side of construction is relatively easy to understand and even to do (just hard work). But the soft skills of the business is hard, hard, hard. I would see a series or combination of books going down the other skills path that could be the real difference between success and failure.

The significant thing here is that most construction guys are, well, construction guys. They just don't have the communication skills, either verbal or written to tackle something like this. They may be good at business, or good at building, but writing and discussing... not so much. That is the reason text books in the trades are technical - the people in the trades are not good at observing and then writing about the other skill sets that are absolutely required for success. My guess / opinion is that a series of intro booklet, text book and a companion training workbook in this vein would be accepted in every trade school in the country.

Obviously you are your own director in this thing, I only go on this short rant because I see an opportunity that could be a nice modest money making machine for many years and a considerable service to the guys in an industry that need it. All that in an industry full of people who don't want to write.