In times gone by, the decision to lock threads has invariably been one made after every other avenue had been exhausted and the majority of staff agreed that no other option remained. As the site has grown, it has become necessary to amend certain WF policies to cope with new challenges. It has never been our intention to stifle the collective voices of our membership, but sometimes we need to lock an out-of-hand thread in order to deal with problem(s) in a timely and thorough manner without having to worry that new ones are springing up as we tackle the originals. That is why we've decided to instate a minimum 24-hour temporary lockout for threads that have been reduced to debating, inflammatory remarks, or any number of infringements that appear to have derailed them. We hope that when a thread is re-opened, cooler heads will have prevailed and the original discussion will resume. We believe this will be more beneficial than the current policy of full and permanent locking without any hope of revival, but we will have no choice but to revert to it should the re-opened thread continue on the path it had been previously.