In light of happenings at the last couple of guest chats, I feel the need to post this as a guideline. I always post the setup in the chat-room prior to the start of every guest chat, but sometimes members show up a little late and don't get to see that. So, for the benefit of everyone, these should be considered the guidelines for all guest chats.

  • The chats will always be chaired by a pre-approved chairperson. This is usually, but not always, myself. The chairperson's job is to ensure order in the chat-room and observe a system that allows every member a fair quota of questions.
  • The rota for questions on the night is determined by a couple of things: In what order members arrived to the chat, and whether they wish to participate (i.e. ask questions). People who arrive late will always get a question, but shouldn't ask that question upon their entry to the chat-room. (See next point).
  • The chairperson will come to each member when it is their turn. Please wait for the guest to answer the previous question in full before posting yours, and please do not jump the queue. It's hard enough to co-ordinate six or seven members without them jumping the gun. If necessary, have your question pre-written into the text box and ready to go.
  • If you arrive late, or are there from the start, and don't want to ask a question, drop the chairperson a private message in-chat. Simply click on their name and select 'Open Private Channel'. Type your message, hit ENTER, and then select 'Close Private Channel' to return to posting. This keeps the chairperson informed and doesn't clutter the main channel with chitchat. (See next point).
  • By all means respond when the guest answers your question, but please do not bring up a topic unrelated to the event (i.e. what happened during your day) and please do not use your response to sneak in another question. This is merely common courtesy to the guest and the members.

It is not my intention to make guest chats a strictly-no-nonsense affair, but I also don't want to see them turn into a den of aggression. I want everyone to enjoy the experience, but to do that I have to make sure they have a fair chance at asking the questions they've prepared. The following guidelines are not onerous. They are mostly common courtesy. I would appreciate if they could be kept in mind for future chats.

Thank you.