i have reached a point in my book where an official address to the nation is being broadcast, I want it to sound official of course wld any one have any suggestions or sites i can find official/political speechs relating to a state of emergancy?

the context is that all the states capitals are starting to fall due to a zombie pandemic this is what i have so far but it doesnt feel right:

My fellow citizens, I address you on this day July 25th to declare a national state of emergency, growing unrest and violence continues to escalate in the states capitals. In an attempt to contain this situation I have issued a call to arms of our current 20,000 strong reservists for immediate deployment, the following areas have been declared a state of marshal law ( states will be listed when i decide which ones ) I urge you all to return to your homes as we attempt to ease the violence and rioting and I emplore all of you to remain calm, remain vigilant and above all remain safe, God bless....