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Thread: Trouble sentence with emdashes to rewrite

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    Quote Originally Posted by akoudrin View Post

    Not sure which version is better.
    If you would like an opinion I think the second looks better, esp, if you take out the bold exclamation point in line 1.

    The first, I think, looks a little cramped whereas the second separates the features better, is more expansive. So there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade View Post
    I think you are right on that. They function as little blank spots or speed bumps the slow down the action at a specific point.

    I am going to have to pay more attention to this.
    Em dashes emphasize supplemental information (raise to the forefront) while commas have a tendency to diminish (send to the background) and parentheses are for supplemental information of a more digressive nature (side comments).
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    I often find it awkward having two phrases, in this case 'quickly and painlessly' and 'regardless of your experience level,' at the end of a sentence. How about 'Regardless of your experience level, boost all of your foosball skills quickly and painlessly.' You can keep the 'passing, shooting, defending' either after 'skills' or as a separate sentence.
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