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Thread: Hobbies

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    Dec 2014
    Alberta, Canada
    For textiles I've got a handful, since I have a degree in the whole thing:
    I'm a weaver, dyer, hand and wheel spinner.
    I also make soap, do a bit of canning, shoot a few arrows....

    ... I am sensing a theme that I basically am living in the wrong century.

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    Started m'self yet another hobby, this time 3D Printing.
    Good times.
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    Black Forest, Colorado
    I make incense and customize my clothes on occasion (though I don't do it well).
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    Apart from reading and writing both independently and for college, my hobbies include religious practices and helping the less fortunate. I like to give to charity and volunteer to help the homeless whenever I can. I'd like to help animals too someday, but humans are a bigger priority for me right now. I also enjoy gardening, the occasional hike, and anything associated with firearms. The shooting range is always a fun place to visit. I like lever-action rifles, revolvers, and "cowboy" firearms.

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    I have a few hobbies myself. Exercise and video games namely, along with cooking. I'll have to get a picture up of my Cannelloni. (Love that stuff, my favorite dish)

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    Well I write shorts for fun.
    I should get back into drawing, as
    I used to have a lot of fun with it.
    Dabble and play around in GIMP from
    time to time, along with creating book
    covers for my books.
    Other than that I have the odd hobby
    of being a Medical Fetishist and am
    into BDSM. So in an odd fashion I collect
    Medical paraphernalia as a part of it.

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    My hobbies include:
    Playing guitar, piano, and harmonica
    Writing scripts.

    I've listed them in order of best to worst.

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    Warenoak Asylum
    Well, my area isn't set up in our house yet but when I do, I like to engage in a brisk round of building plastic models. Specifically WW II era aircraft. Although, the aircraft in the Cold War constellation series are also a fascination.
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