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    I know we're mostly animal lovers around here and I'm sure most of us have pets. I thought it'd be nice if we had a place to brag/show-off our furry children and could post stories about them.

    I'll start.

    My dog, Beast, likes to "hold hands." He will lift his front left paw and place it on my (or Fella's) forearm and let it slide down until his paw is in my (or Fella's) hand when he wants attention or to go out. Usually he gets offended if you put his paw down and will do it again. He will sit in front of me and watch me, perfectly content, while I hold his paw. Sometimes when I go to let him out after he does this he gives me a dirty look and goes to lie down instead.

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    My cat is talented as hell. Her favorite toy is a stuffed carrot looking thing that has feathers instead of the green leafy stuff on top. She will take one claw and spin the carrot then throw it up in the air and catch it with her other paw. She will do this a couple times until she senses I am watching her and then she stops and we start a staring contest until she gets mad, loses, and meows at me. Then she comes up to me like she wants loved on. It's the same thing every time!

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    My dog Boycie:

    Too many stories to tell, but he makes me laugh every day. He pushed me out of bed once. When he stretches his legs, he really pushes will all his might, usually directly into my back (he likes tucking his head in my armpit). Yeah, 3 a.m., me on the floor, him looking startled, me crying with laughter.

    I'll think of some more with him. I have a cat called Tigerlily too, she's actually insane. I had a bag of Maltesers on my chest at Christmas, and she comes at me Kamikaze-style from nowhere and leaps onto my stomach and they go everywhere. Well, she gets scared and tries to run away, but the Maltesers kept her rooted to the spot. It was like the video for Here It Goes Again by OK GO in super-speed. Had to be there.
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    There's not enough room here for my pets. We have four cats, three rabbits, sixteen parakeets, and whatever pets they have. Bootsy keeps yarn kittens, Tennessee herds Palo Verde beetles, and Buster has a pet mouse-a real one, a tiny Logitech mouse that he keeps next to his bed, which is a stack of old pizza boxes. Our small rabbits Dammit and Betty are a wedded couple, and the larger bunny Big Girl weighs 20 pounds or so and is puppy-friendly. She will run up and nuzzle your hand like a pup. She enjoys electric shocks and long walks on the beach.
    The birds are REALLY LOUD. It's hard to watch television unless they are covered in an old blanket, which muffles them enough so that you can hear the dialogue. They imitate other sounds too...traffic, other birds, snatches of dialogue. One of them makes woodpecker noises, and another keeps the beat.
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    Currently I have a Jack Russell named Petey; I'm not sure if he's that dumb or he's so smart he just appears dumb. We got him about 11 years ago after finding him taking a nap in the middle of the highway. That was dumb, but then again, it was chilly and the pavement was hot, so... He doesn't get around very well any more but when it gets toward supper time, he has a definite routine. First he cleans out his food dish, then he has to go outside - apparently cleaning out everything in preparation - and then he stands by the kitchen door until supper's ready. He knows he won't get any scraps from Mom, so he becomes my brother's shadow until he's gotten his 'share'.

    I also have a 3-1/2 year-old cat named Fang. We found her out in the garden as a feral kitten. My brother is quite sure she decided to come live with us, versus us 'rescuing' her. Her favorite toy, unfortunately for him, is Petey...
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    We have two dobermans, a schnoodle (one of those made up breeds), three cats and a horse

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    We have three cats and they have such personalities! There's Milo and he thinks he's the Supreme Overlord of the Universe and we're all his servents. He's the one who's always getting in the cupboard above the fridge, climbing on the counter, jumping in the sink, and getting stuck behind the dryer. Then there's his adopted brother Henry, the weirdo. Henry is a very tentative cat who likes to chase his tail, is cross-eyed, and literally has a set of little vampire fangs sticking out of his mouth. He also likes to chase after the newspaper and lick the plastic wrapper when I bring it in in the morning. And then there's Misty, Milo's girlfriend, who is the prettiest snowshoe siamese ever. She hates the other two cats, loves cheesy crackers (Better Cheddars are her favorite) and has ticklish feet. It's real funny, because I'll try to tickle her hind paw and she'll meow at me and try to bat my hands away.
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    Brock, I will see your majestic stallion and raise you this horse my sister is leasing.

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    I have 5 cats.

    Kramer: She's 18 now(!) and going on 19! Still going strong and laying next to me as I type this. She's super pretty and lays on my tummy all the time. ^^ Calico!
    Andy: He's a skittish cat. Crazy levels of skittishness. He is super sweet though and cute. He's gray. We have his brother! 6 years old now!
    Allen: The brother of Andy, completely the opposite. Annoyingly social. Lazy and fat. But man, he's super adorable anyways.
    Phoebe: Super adorable fluffy calico. I'll post a picture of her EVENTUALLY! She's got medium hair and is so adorable. She meows like some kind of bird cooing. It's ridiculously cute. She's going on 3!
    Simba: Phoebe's adopted brother. He's ridiculously smart, and a huge, ridiculous troll. He likes to chase around poor Kramer just because he knows she hates him. She could kill him tough, she has claws and he doesn't. He's a sweetie though, and a badass, he can catch birds and squirrels despite his lack of front claws! ^^

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    Staff Deployment, that horse is just a meme waiting to happen!

    I have a bat, named Claus, that was born a hamster.

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