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Thread: What sort of articles would you like to see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
    Kidding or not, I get paid fairly well because of the above attitude. Same reason garbage men do pretty well too, relatively speaking! Everyone wants to do the fun stuff, and it's a small subset of writers that would consider tech and copy writing as fun.

    Some like to write different types of fiction and the same goes for non-fiction. dolla dolla bill y'all for those who can do each well.
    Wait who said you were good at fiction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinlee View Post
    okay I will forgive you. Is visual mapping the same as mind mapping?
    I love mind mapping! I use those when starting the layout for quite a few larger documents. I usually cannibalize it for heading structure in the actual document afterwards too. It's a really great way to tackle outlining.

    I ran a search and mind mapping appears in a couple discussions, but there's no posts under writing discussion or anywhere I can tell that cover it. I'd love to see you write something up and post in some examples.

    Visual mapping of processes and procedures, or just straight up "process mapping", is a lot like flowcharting. I say "a lot" because you can use a very simple, traditional looking stencil that we're all familiar with on some level, or you can go full Business Process Modeling Notation for it. I'd say for most organizations BPMN is overkill by a factor of 10, unless you're building models that are going to be translated into computer systems that need that level of complexity. I'm starting to get a nosebleed just thinking about it, ha ha!
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    So many people seem to lack inspiration.

    This is not to be taken as an invitation to challenge me - i don't have the time at the moment to take anything else on - but I can write an short essay on any topic. When I taught mindmapping I used to get a member of the audience (the recipient of a balled-up piece of paper tossed backwards over my shoulder) to come up with a topic. I would give myself 1 minute to plan and would then talk for 5 minutes on the topic. Pigs, toenail clippings, toilet rolls, lettuce, dog collars, mowing, acne are some of the words I had to speak on.

    In a few weeks I might do a thread on using mindmapping for inspiration.

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    I would never dream of challenging you.

    Of course, if you wanted to do a mindmap on... mindmapping! That'd be awesome.

    I'm in the same time boat. I'm looking to write something up, but I'm also pushing hard at work on trying to mend some fences on my team at work. Have to get my peeps to work more cohesively; to that end I have to build up our communication and energy, as well as fortify our processes internally and with our other sub-teams within the department. Also, getting Marketing to submit key messaging, copy, and briefs in general to us in a better fashion would be great.

    Maybe I'll steal the write up I'm going to do on our challenges with the key messaging and copy we're being provided and build a cautionary tale out of it.
    "Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone."
    - Anthony Burgess (1917-1994)

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    The write-tech practical challenge. 300 words max, with topics chosen from things of value on a writing forum.
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    I'd like to see anything related to copywriting in this forum. I'm also interested in issues of copyright and citation in nonfiction writing right now.

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    I also do a lot of professional writing for content and SEO. it's both challenging and fun, because not only do I write a great deal for my own business, but for clients as well.

    i've got one in particular who is very challenging. His business is a consulting firm, and there is so little content online for that, you'd think it would be a great way to corner his market. The difficulty is, it's hard to write that sort of stuff without being either too technical or too sales-driven.

    And as anyone who does a great deal of bloggign and article writing knows, you don't write a bunch of self-promoting content. It must be genrally useful to the reader. I consider it a challenge because not only is the subject matter difficult, but the market share is so extremely limited.

    `I'd personally like to see more stuff in here about that, or about ways to research new topics and so forth.
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    I am a marketer and internet marketer, so obviously, I'm interested in topics around that, as well as business development, success philosophy and even real estate investing.
    However, I think and interesting take on writing for marketing would be from the standpoint of those of us who do that as a business. In other words, what do we do to acquire new clients. What works, what does not, etc.
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    I think as professional writers, we're always looking for ways to promote ourselves and our clients. I would like to see more on ways to send readers to your articles, blogs, etc. Different ways of promoting your writing, both direct and indirect. Where you publish articles, and so forth.
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    I would really like to see some article on the government shut down.

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    Yes, i agree

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