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    An Idiot's Guide to Publishing

    Hello. I have never published anything before and I have no idea what the flip-flap I am doing. I know how to build a manuscript and I know how to find a publisher, but I have no idea what I should do.

    Cover letters, manuscripts, editors, previously submitted works, agents-- these are all terms I'm familiar with, however, I don't know how to glue them all together.

    Basically: What should I do first and where do I go after that?

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    Assuming your manuscript is finished mate. Find a publisher (I use the look on their website see what kind of stuff they're after, then they normaly have a guide to how they want to recieve the submissions.... then email it as they like it and wait and see what happens

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    If you've written a novel - polish, polish, get critiqued, polish some more.

    Then look for agents and/or publishers that fit your story. Many publishers won't look at unsolicited ms; they only work through agents. Others, like indie publishers, don't require agents. Check the publisher's guidelines. While doing that, work on your query letter. Guaranteed, it will be nearly as difficult to write (well) as your novel. There are several places on the web that give pointers on what constitutes a great query. Once your ms is finished (meaning written and edited to the best of your ability), you've found suitable agents/publishers, and your query letter is ready - start sending the queries out. Follow the agents' and publishers' guidelines religiously. Don't try to be cute or innovative - give them what they ask for. Develop patience. It can take a long time to hear back, and you will probably get a lot more rejections than requests. While waiting - start the next book.
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    Write your cover letter and synopsis (I hate those). Then start sending them out to agents. As others have said, follow the submission guidelines. Not doing so can cause you to be rejected without the agent even looking at your work. It seems to me that agents and publishers are constantly looking for ways to lighten their load. So try not to give them an excuse to ignore you.

    You're going to get a lot of rejections...everyone does. Even best selling authors received rejections for years before finally landing a contract. So try not to let them get to you. And as someone said, while you're trying to get one novel published, start the next one. Just keep writing.


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