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    Strangely Human

    Only ever guided by the momentarily misdirected
    People of depravity and humanity so unperfected.
    I tried reaching deep inside my moss embodied consciousness
    That never knew a mother's love, compassion, care or graciousness.

    Society degenerates and leaves me sitting in the dark
    And wondering how I would ever make a change and leave my mark
    I guess what I am trying to say is life is there to lead the way
    But it doesn't wait or slow down so that you can have a say.

    We're aliens but strangely human
    Having only taken our first steps
    But having no clue what we're doing
    Has made our world appear unkept.

    Before I have my final word I'd like to leave you with a thought
    Do you know when the last time was you used the worthless things you bought
    Spitting out the cash that you don't have ensures you keep on digging holes
    In which your limbs are scattered about. You're spread too thin to reach your goals.

    We're all so strangely human.
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    Cool lyrics, but what kind of music is it? Acoustic and soft or heavy and harsh? Slow or fast?

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    Acoustic and soft. Thank you, man!

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    We're all so strangely human.
    Brilliant line!
    Great concept.
    Whether it works a song will depend on how the lyrics as presented mesh with the music -
    some lines look overfull on the page, but might be exactly what's needed to work.

    Well done.
    "I don't know ... I'm making it up as I go ..." - Dr I Jones

    Nature abhors perfection - cats abhor a vacuum!

    "Faith can move mountains - she's a big girl!" (unknown/graffiti)

    If I act like I own the place, it's because I did.

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    I absolutely love the chorus. And the whole message behind the lyrics. The only thing I would say is that I agree that the lines seem a bit too full to make it flow well as a song but other than that, it's great.

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    I love this. I think I might have read it about three times, and each time I start to like it even more. Is there a recording?

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    Wow, pretty good. I didn't know what to expect from the title. It sounds like it could also be a fast tempo as well. I really like it.

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    This is the first lyrics I've viewed on this forum. I'm really glad I read this one.

    I noticed unlike in some off my lyrics, it gets a straight point across, while using the words in a way to leave an open perception of the lyrics to the reader (or listener.) stay inspired everyone

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    I really like the toopic, material world andd cultural downfall, great rhyming and phrasing AND timing. Probably needs a third verse and/or a bridge and/or a pre-chorus. Great material buts needs more quantitatively, but that's just my opinion, anyways its awesome!


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