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Thread: A couple of early WIP's

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    A couple of early WIP's

    These are the raw pics of 3 which I plan to do some work on...one for my Tree Series, the other two just sort of WANT to go somewhere. What my eye sees and what comes out can end up being different. However, I like to work with the raw...stay tuned and thoughts/inspuiration will be listened to and appreciated
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    I like the second one, you can make so many shapes out of it. The third one looks like the back end of a dog in heat.

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    Those are unique.

    No. 2 looks very dark and totally simian
    No. 3- great white in multi-multi layers

    No.1- hmmm. Charley Brown's Christmas? (guess I'm not following)
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    I have to agree, that second one looks like a silverback gorilla. You're right though, these are begging to be something and I look forward to seeing what comes out.
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    Can't wait to see what you do with the second one!
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    #2 feels like it's itching to be a goblin...possibly not a nice one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunluchyn View Post
    #2 feels like it's itching to be a goblin...possibly not a nice one
    So, a home-made Halloween e-card, then?
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